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      How Bad Foot Health Can Affect Your Entire Body Overtime

      For living a healthy and active life, having hale and strong legs is immensely important. You may never feel, but with over 100 muscles, 26 bones, 33 joints, ligaments, and tendons, your feet are quite complex. Besides, being the foundation of the body, legs provide support, balance, and responsible for your overall well being. Hence, foot health is essential.

      Because of bad foot health, people often experience pain in their knees, lower back, and hips. Making the scene more complex, reduced foot health can also cause poor posture, imbalance, and affect organ functions.

      Healthy Feet- the Foundation of a Healthy Body

      Healthy feet are essential and the best shoes for your feet along with regular exercise can ensure it for you. In the following section, we will discuss the common conditions that happen because of not wearing proper shoes.

      Back and Joint Pain

      You have a painful foot issue, and you are changing your normal walking pattern for avoiding more pain. Without even letting you know, your misaligned walking pattern and overcompensation can lead you to severe back pain. Misaligned walking pattern forces the back to be misaligned too. Hence, your entire back can be affected.

      It often happens to people with flat feet. Flat feet are responsible for misalignment with the ankle, often distresses the entire body. It can range from the spine to the neck and knees to the spins. In cases like these, the naturally compensating body causes unhealthy sitting and walking patterns, putting the condition too worse.

      Besides, if your feet don’t have the power to absorb the shock that occurs from everyday activities like standing, walking, and running, your joints are bearing it all. But, the fact is,  joints like hips and knees are not designed to be shock absorbers. Hence, over time, this prolonged and frequent stress can result in hip, ankle, and knee malfunctions.

      Leg Pain

      Your feet are made of muscles, ligaments, and tendons, which link them to the other parts of the body. Hence, any pain in your feet can channel itself to your legs. The lower part of the legs can be effected easily because, in this region, the soft tissues are closely allied. Hence, foot problems are deeply related to issues such as calf stiffness, soreness, pain, and legs muscle weakness.

      Posture Problems and Imbalance

      Poor feet health can also lead you to posture problems and imbalance. If the feet are not in proper alignment with the rest of your body, suffering through a lack of body balance is quite natural. And this increases the chances of sudden falls and slips, making you more prone to further injuries.

      When there is foot pain, the body starts the weight redistribution process for ensuring lesser weight for the painful part of the feet. It is the reason for having poor postures. With time this becomes a habit and quite tough to rectify in the future. Hence, treating these issues at the very initial stage is very important so that it cannot become more significant threats.

      Organ Function

      It’s hard to think, but your feet’s health is directly connected to your organ health. The touch receptors and sensory nerves that you have in your feet are responsible for sending signals to the brain. If you a problem with feet, the brain will be informed about it within a fraction of a second, and the brain will start making adjustments for it through sending signals to different body parts, including the organs.

      Feet are also connected to all other body parts in intriguing ways and can create significant impacts as well. Hence, ensuring and maintaining healthy feet is very necessary for your overall health. Thus, never compromise and choose the best shoes for your feet.

      5 Best Foot Exercises for Improving Balance, Power, and Speed

      When it comes to working out, most people forget to focus on the two most essential parts of their body - the feet. They start working on their core, upper body, and lower body but tend to avoid their feet. But, foot health is equally or even more critical, as feet maintain our body balance, make us stand, walk, and run.

      For having healthy feet, we need regular foot exercises. Along with it, selecting the best shoes for your feet is similarly essential, as it makes feet more protected from injuries, provides support to make walking and running more comfortable.

      Here are the best 5 feet exercises.

      1. Toe Raise, Curl, and Point: This exercise contains three stages and helpful for all parts of the toes and feet.

      Step 1: Sit on a chair, and keep your feet on the ground.

      Step 2: Raise your heels, keeping the toes attached to the floor. Keep raising the heels until the feet balls remain on the floor.

      Step 3: Keep this posture for five seconds, and lower the heels.

      Step 4: In the second stage, raise your heels and keep the toes attached to the ground. The tips of the second and big fingers should touch the floor surface.

      Step 5: Holding this position count 5 seconds.

      Step 6: In the third stage, you need to curl your toes inwards and raise your heels. Hold this position for 5 seconds

      Step 7: Practice every stage ten times.

      1. Big Toe Stretch: This exercise also encompasses 3 stages and helps in relieving pain arrived due to wearing tight shoes.

      Step 1: Sit straight on a chair, keeping your feet on the floor.

      Step 2: Put your left foot onto your right thigh.

      Step 3: Use your hand for stretching your big toes to both sides, up and down.

      Step 4: Hold this position and count 5 seconds.

      Step 5: Practice this exercise 10 times for each foot.


      1. Toe Splay: Toe Splay is exceptionally useful if you want to increase the strength and control of toe muscles. You can perform it on both of your feet at the same time, or do it on alternatively.

      Step 1: Here as well, you need to sit on a chair with feet on the floor.

      Step 2: Spread your toes as far as you can, but don’t strain them. Be in the position for 5 seconds.

      Step 3: Perform this motion ten times.

      Step 4: After doing this for a few days, you can try it using a looping rubber band around your toes. The resistance of the rubber band will make the exercise more challenging for building up more strength in your muscles.

      1. Toe Curls: Toe Curls are also designed for building up flexible toe and feet muscles. It also provides the necessary strength.

      Step 1: Sit on a chair, and place a towel on the floor in front of you. The shorter side of it should be facing to your feet.

      Step 2: After placing the toes of your one foot, aim to grip it between your toes and pull it towards yourself. You should perform this exercise 5 times for each foot.

      Step 3: You can make this exercise more challenging by placing weight at the opposite end of the towel.

      1. Marble Pickup: For strengthening the muscles under your toes and feet, Marble Pickup is one effective exercise option.

      Step 1: Sit on a chair, and keep two bowls in front of your feet. One bowl should be empty, but another should have a few marbles in it.

      Step 2: Pick up marbles from the bowl for placing them in the empty one.

      Step 3: Repeat for another foot too.


      Feet are those parts that transfer your body force to the ground and are the foundation of your entire body. And these are the few best exercises you can practice every day if you need your feet to become stronger and flexible.

      6 Top Personality Traits Revealed By Your Shoes

      6 Top Personality Traits Revealed By Your Shoes

      We say put your best foot forward. But, do you know shoes say a lot about your personality. Wondering! How can the shoes you wear casually or for comfort can say a lot about you? Well, shoes reflect a lot about the personality of more than 90% of the people. So, shoes are seen as the source of the first impression by most people. It can be pumps, heels, boots, flip-flops, sports shoes, etc.

      It’s been rightly said, “It’s not much about the shoes, but about the person wearing them.” Let us now dig deep into what different style of shoes says about your personality, style, comfort, or approach towards life.

      Boots Depict Strong Personality

      Boots generally keep your foot warm, protected, and dry. People with strong personality traits are said to pick on the shoes. Even the fashion boots give an edge of feminine look too. People wearing combat boots or boots of this kind are the ones who are known to take control of the situation. Boot wearers are said to possess masculinity in their personalities.

      Slips Ons Depicts Comfort

      If you are the one who enjoys comfort and wants to look cool, then slip ons are your favorite shoes. These pair of shoes easily coordinates with your personality and remains in trend always. Both extroverts and introverts prefer wearing this type of shoes to mix easily with the people around them. Moreover, people who prefer slip ons are tilted towards their passion and do not like to work in some professional setting.

      Heels Depict Leadership Role

      Most women prefer heels to parties or work. But, heels are of different styles and have a comfort level. Like, the “Pumps” that simply depict the lady boss in you. It reflects the strength, competitive attitude, self-confidence, and possesses “do or die” attitude in you. The ‘platform heels’ depicts that you take control of the situation, trustworthy, and dedicated to their work. Now, the “Stilletos” showcases the businesswomen in you. You can maintain work-life balance incredibly, hard-working, focused, and have a fun side too.

      Running Shoes Displays Confidence

      Well, people who prefer running shoes like a mix of leisure and busy life. You may be engaged with your life, but you are a motivated person and organized too. People wearing running shoes are stated to be hard-working, confident, goal-oriented, etc. You need to be ahead in everything and still want the best shoes for your feet to increase your swiftness and productivity.

      Flats Wearers are Behind the Scene People

      If you are someone who likes to stay comfortable and does not want to stay in front, then you are a flat-favorite person. Put yourself behind the scenes to provide a perfectly finished product. The humbleness and gratitude is part of your personality. There is no bragging of efforts done by you. Flat wearers are modest, focused, and generous. But, you still like to match your outfits and handbags with your personality.

      Flip-flop Fans Are Stated to be Chill

      People who are always in their flip-flops are comfortable and chill off people. They do not worry about the future and goes with the flow of life. These people do what makes them happy and are not swayed away by societal pressures. Flip-flop lovers are spontaneous and love to rejoice the little things in the present moment.

      So, this is all about the various shoe types and what it depicts your personality. Are you any of these types? If yes, you find the right connection between the love for your shoes and your nature. So, check out the variety of shoes at Omega Walk, if you are concerned about your foot health.

      Top Reasons On Why You Should Invest In Your Shoes

      Top Reasons On Why You Should Invest In Your Shoes

      Do you roll your eyes when you see celebrities, and many of your friends go weak on knees when they see a pair of fancy shoes? Do you know people with 100 pairs of shoes in their closet? It is, however, not necessary for you to spend half of your monthly salary on shoes. But investing in a few good pairs of shoes can definitely be great for you.

      No, we do not mean you invest only in branded shoes alone or ones that spell haute couture from a distance! Every person, of any gender, should ideally have a formal wear shoe, casual wear, a slipper or flip-flop to wear at home, and even a pair of jogging shoes. These are the minimum number of footwear you will need. However, why do you need these shoes? Why is it such a big deal at all is what we shall enumerate now?

      1. Shoes for Comfort

      The basic functionality of a pair of shoes is comfort. You wear it to ensure you do not hurt your insole or instep of your feet primarily as you walk on all terrains. It was for ensuring you do not injure your heels and develop corn too. Only good quality of shoes will give you comfort. Those pointy high stilettos are never going to provide you with warmth since they do not keep your feet in the normal position as long as you wear it. Go for shoes that are slightly elevated and have padding in the sole to give you enough coziness.

      1. Speaks About You

      Cheap quality of shoes does not draw appreciation. When you plan to make a lasting impression, make sure to invest in a stylish pair of shoes. The interviewer will notice how you take care of polishing your shoes and waxing it as well. The world judges everyone on their looks even now, and so while projecting your brains, make sure to sharpen your shoe choice.

      1. Good Quality Lasts Longer

      The pair of shoes may be a little expensive for your liking. But, if the fit is right, you may notice that its heels don’t give away so easily. You will also notice the seams not coming off, and the upper, faux leather will not crack up with time. Make sure to keep the pair of shoes dry and well maintained with polish and wax. It will last longer than you could have ever imagined without requiring any repairs also.

      1. Breathable Materials

      Foot odor is common among the people who go for a cheaper pair of shoes. What triggers this is the use of cheap leather. The genuine leather ideally absorbs moisture. It also means that your feet will not smell awful after removing the shoes and cause you embarrassment in public too.

      1. Stay away from Future Problems

      In young days, people may take hasty and incorrect decisions. The youngsters may all be open for a fashionable pair of shoes. They may not realize that a poor pair of shoes may alter their back and cause knee problems later in their life too. Wearing shoes one size small or big may cause falls and injury. With age, people may struggle to stand on their feet if they have incorrect sized shoes. It will only happen if you go for cheaper versions of shoes.

      Remember, only a good pair of shoes, from a decent brand can give you the confidence, and give your body the best support. Make sure to consider your body weight too before investing in the best pair of shoes for yourself.

      Best Ways To Improve The Health Of Your Feet (Without Visiting A Doctor)

      Best Ways To Improve The Health Of Your Feet (Without Visiting A Doctor)

      Your feet are perhaps the essential part of the body that decides on whether you will be able to climb that mountain this year or the next. However, it all depends on how well we take care of our feet. Getting a monthly pedicure is excellent, but there are home remedies and even daily care routines that you need to bring to your daily habit too. Let us check a few practical ways to take care of our feet.

      1. Wash Your Feet Well

      While you may state that you do wash it when bathing, this is different. As you wash your hands and face many times a day, and that too with mild soap and water, you have to do a similar routine for your feet also. Scrub the ankles and heels with pumice stone if you have some time. Even scrub between the toes so that there is no deposit forming up there. Any negligence here may cause ringworm. Regular washing in warm water may also soothe the nerves and remove any chances of skin to harden up.

      1. Take Care of Toe Nails

      Many people indeed find it difficult to bend over or reach out to their toenails. But it is nevertheless essential to trim the nails and ensure they do not grow inwards. It is usual for nails to curl in the sides or bend over, causing infections. It becomes painful if the nail curls in like this. So, make sure to cut the nails of the toes, especially if you spend the entire day wearing shoes and not able to wiggle your toes with ease. Schedule an appointment with your nail salon if you cannot do this as good as they do. They also use disinfectants to ensure they clean the nails and the cuticles after cutting to ensure the feet are clean.

      1. Wear the Right Fit of Shoes

      The right fit for shoes plays a vital role in a healthier foot. While you may adjust your feet in a shoe that is loose or tight, but if it is too tight, you may find several problems cropping up. Your feet may hurt the moment you slip in your feet or feel relieved when you remove it. Usually, a pair of shoes should not be excruciatingly painful such as this. It may not be just the feet, but in the case of people wearing high-heels, the back may also suffer. It is a pain if you are on your feet all day too. Podiatrists always recommend you to wear a comfortable size and fit. Buy shoes wearing the socks if you plan to wear it like that only. Do not ever assume the size of the shoes. Take the measurement and check the e-commerce sites’ size chart for reference.

      1. Safeguard Your Feet at all Times

      In case you are using a shower of the gym or a beach or even the community pool, ensure wearing slippers. Do not go barefoot, where other people are walking around barefoot. It may cause infection, especially if you do not plan to wash your feet after using these public areas.

      1. Moisturize Your Feet

      Most of the time, feet end up getting dry and having cracked heels. Lather your feet at night before bedtime with moisturizer. It will help in preventing any dryness and ensure the feet remain healthy.

      A few people follow all these steps and even ensure doing regular foot exercise to ensure their feet remains in top shape. It should be pain-free and should also be in the pink of its health! Your foot-care regime may not be expensive but a disciplined approach.