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      Why You Should Choose Sneakers Over Any Other Shoes For Daily Wear

      Why You Should Choose Sneakers Over Any Other Shoes For Daily Wear

      How many steps do you take each day ? An average american walks around 4000-10000 steps a day and wearing inappropriate footwear can lead to severe health issues in the long run.

      A stylish pair of shoes is an investment. But don’t make hasty choices based on a fashion trend alone, especially if you are someone looking for essential comfort.

      While the options to choose from are endless, we still think that choosing sneakers as your go-to is something you won’t regret. Here’s why.

      Perfect support for all day

      Have you ever tried running in uncomfortable shoes? It just doesn’t work. Sneaker companies design their shoes to enhance the comfort as much as possible.  Most sneakers are made to decrease the impact that running and walking has on our feet. Your feet are doing the hard work by carrying the weight of your whole body and by wearing comfortable shoes, you make sure your whole body feels and functions well.

      There’s nothing more stylish than sneakers

      Unlike other types of shoes,since the 70s sneakers evolved into one of the classic wears and today it’s super acceptable to pair them with something elegant like a suit or a dress.  You have infinite choices for your sneakers whether for the brands or the colour patterns which make it the easiest type of shoes to match with your clothes, no matter the occasion. Sneakers have always been in style and you can rest assured that each year you will find a sneaker trend that will give that trendy edge to your everyday outfits.

      Sneakers can be used for any activities

      Have you ever been in trouble when packing for a holiday? When it comes to shoes, a pair of good sneakers is all you need. No matter what activity is planned, you can rest assured that your sneakers will provide you with amazing comfort and it’s a stylish accessory. Whether it’s a run after the bus, a hike, a party or a last minute rush to work you are truly ready for anything in a cool pair of kicks. 

      Sneakers are hands down one of the best kinds of shoes in the world. They are tough, durable, comfortable, unisex and a classy pair can last for years in your wardrobe. You can get a lot of mileage out of this versatile footwear because you can wear it everyday for any occasion. 

      The Hottest Sneaker Trends of 2021

      The Hottest Sneaker Trends of 2021

      2021 has been a special year for fashion. With most people working remotely and social distancing, being trendy was last on our list ( good news: the need for comfort also reflects in the most recent trends). With summer comes more opportunity to spend time outdoors and dress up a little bit every now and again. If you’d like to up your sneaker game for this spring, keep reading, this article is for you!

      Slip On Sneakers

      You can’t deny the power of a pair of trendy, comfy and cozy slip on sneakers. The trend continues to have a moment in 2021. Pair it with jeans, dresses or skirts this look is tough to beat: it provides you with all the comfort you need to get through the day and it’s stylish enough to match any outfit in your wardrobe.

      Colour-Block Sneakers

      Colourblock sneakers are automatic attention grabbers... With spring and summer on the way this trend seems to be unstoppable. Spice up your monochrome outfits and let these colorful sneakers steal the show. Whether you’re into the classic style with a colourful twist or a bright pair, this trend is going to be huge this summer!

      70’s Sneakers Are Back

      Riding the retro wave, 70s sneakers are a hundred percent back this year. In the '70s, popular sneakers consisted of low silhouettes, both bright and rich colors, round-toes, a rubber sole, and a slim fit. If you’re not a fan of the chunky shoe trends this style is for you!

      Platform Sneakers

      After the year we all had, it’s not too surprising that in 2021 we dress for comfort and sneakers are the most in trend again! Sneakers have become more experimental in shape and color, with cute platform styles becoming the easiest and most comfortable way to boost your look. Match it with a pair of jeans or a dress these pairs will surely take your style game to the next level. 

      Unity, Stability and Hope- The Colours of 2021

      The colour trends greatly reflect our mental and emotional state this year. 

      According to the Pantone Color Institute bright and soothing colors that take inspiration from the natural elements such as bright yellow and grey will be in style this year representing unity, stability and hope. Somethings we’re all craving after the year behind us.

      Other 2021 colour trends include bright and eye catching shades such as  bold red , vibrant hot pink and Mykonos Blue.

      2021 trends offer so many comfortable and fun options for shoe lovers. Comfort is key and pairing sneakers with something elegant is not a sin anymore. Let us know which trend is your favorite!

      5 Benefits Of Hiking

      5 Benefits Of Hiking

      Hiking outdoors has so many perks: warm sunshine on your face, birds chirping, the trees overhead and feeling the soft earth under your feet. Everyone knows hiking is great for our bodies but the benefits are beyond what you would receive from a regular exercise. It’s not only good for your physical health but it is also a great activity to fight stress and anxiety. 

      Let’s see a few of the many benefits that hiking has for your soul and your body.

      1.Hiking Makes You Stronger

      Hiking is one of the best ways to exercise. No matter what trail you find, climbing rocks, stepping over trees and clambering over uneven surfaces will surely engage your core, your glutes and your legs for a true holistic workout. Your feet have to deal with a whole lot out there, so it’s essential that you pick the right shoes for your hikes. When choosing your hiking boots, make sure it has the right padding and protection.

      2.Get a Mood Boost

      It’s proven that there are plenty of  benefits of being close to nature. Work and all the fun distractions in our everyday lives are enough to keep us at a permanent level of stress below the surface.Going for a hike reduces cortisol levels, calms anxiety and can reduce the risk of depression due to its calming effect only nature can offer.

      3.Boost Your Creativity

      Although technology made it easier than ever to work and connect, all the distractions coming from the constant alerts on our phones, tablets and social media have taken its toll on our creativity. Receiving calls, messages and alerts all day takes over our attention and leaves no space for coming up with new ideas. By contrast the soft fabrication of natural environments allows our nervous system to relax ,increases attention span and gives our brain space to feel bored and look for new creative ideas. So if you feel unmotivated and stuck, a walk in nature could be enough to feel inspired again!

      4.Get Social 

      Not only hiking is an amazing physical activity but it can also help you create stronger bonds with your friends. The nature of hikes allows you to spend more time together outdoors and depending on the level of difficulty of your hike, you can find an emotionally supportive workout friend or get to know each other without any distractions. Researches show that people exercising together can develop a special feeling of closeness and safety.  Even if you prefer hiking alone, the mental and emotional relief resulting from being close to nature can help you improve your interactions with your loved ones. Giving yourself a break will make you more emotionally available for others.

      5.Learn To Be Present

      When was the last time you were truly present, in the moment? Getting out there, removes the man-built physical barriers between you and nature. You can observe all that this earth has to offer without filters and distractions. Everything is up and close. Just you and nature. It’s candy for the soul.

      So go get your hiking boots and hit the trail!

      5 Excellent Foot Care Tips You Need To Know

      5 Excellent Foot Care Tips You Need To Know

      How much attention do you pay to your feet? Our feet haul us through thousands of steps per day, yet it is often the last spot on our list of body-care priorities. As it takes the whole weight of our body every day, ignoring foot care can lead to painful consequences including discomfort in your walk, knee or back pain,bacterial or fungal infections among many others.To take care of our feet we do not have to always go to an expensive salon.


      Let’s look at some super easy and cheap foot care tips to increase your foot health.


      Tip 1: Wash Your Feet Regularly


      Our feet are the most exposed to bacterial and fungal infections.When you’re standing in the shower it can be tempting to forget about your feet. You’re standing in soapy water so you may think that it is enough to keep them clean however it is not the case. Always give your feet a good rub to get any stubborn dirt off them. On the other hand be careful with soaking your feet in hot water as it might destroy the skin’s natural oils.

      Tip 2: Remove Dead Skin


      The skin on your feet gets dry and cracked. It is extremely important to exfoliate your feet at least once  a week to get rid of the dead skin. Exfoliating regularly helps to avoid any ugly calluses and keep your pores from being clogged. Give your feet a gentle scrub with pumice stone weekly to remove hard skin and  leave them feeling soft and refreshed.

      Tip 3: Moisturize Your Feet


      Don’t leave your feet out of your moisturizing routine. Apply a generous amount of moisturizer on your feet to lock in the moistures from your showers and keep your feet silky smooth.


      Tip 4: Choose well fitted shoes


      Your  choice of shoes has a bigger impact on your foot health than you may think. Poor choice of footwear can lead to all sorts of foot problems including ingrown nails, hammertoe, blisters, heel and back pain among others.


      Always opt for shoes that are comfortable, support your feet and well-fitted.


      Tip 5: Wear Socks


      Wearing socks is not only important to protect and cushion your feet from the cold, it also saves your feet from dirt, blisters and UV radiation. It absorbs moisture and helps prevent the rubbing of shoes. Make sure your socks are from high quality material and fits well around your heels.