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      6 Surprising Facts About Walking Shoes That You Should Know! - Omega Walk

      6 Surprising Facts About Walking Shoes That You Should Know!

      Everyone knows that there is nothing more comfortable than a walking shoe. Wearing them, you can walk for long distances, exercise comfortably, and even run or jog in them. Nowadays, most women wear these shoes in routine as they are available in various colors, styles, and designs. It is wise to buy Womens Casual Slip On Shoes with expectations because they are comfortable, attractive, and durable. But while they are widespread and known, there are many facts about walking shoes that people don't know. The guide is all about amazing facts everyone should know about who is wearing these walking shoes.

      Let’s Get Started Now:

      1.Lifespan Of Walking Shoes Is Limited:

      Many people think the shoes are more costly or branded ones they buy will last a long lifetime. But the walking shoes last only for a maximum of 500 miles. The reason is that the shoes are made of leather and rubber materials which wear out soon and must be replaced. Sometimes you may see that your shoes are in good condition from above, but inside they are not. Wearing these un-cushioned and broken shoes leads to tired feet and more prone to injuries. So keep in mind that when you are buying shoes, a long lifespan is not possible. Instead of paying more to a doctor for your twisted ankle or surgery, buy a new pair of comfortable walking shoes.

      2.Right Lacing Technique Prevent Heel Slippage:

      When you experience discomfort, pain, or black toenail when you walk in your walking shoes, it’s not the size of your shoes but the style of lacing them. Many people do not lace up their shoes with proper technique and keep on blaming the shoes for not fitting them. Research has shown that for people who tie their laces correctly, the heels remain in the shoe heels cups, and there is enough space for your toes to expand properly. This technique also helps prevent heel blisters, so ensure you know the correct approach to lace your walking shoes and walk in them comfortably.

      3.Buy One Size Larger Than Regular Size:

      When buying walking shoes, most people think they need to buy a smaller size to keep their feet comfortable and give them enough room. They are wrong. Remember that while walking, your feet swell, so if you wear tight shoes, it will cause pain and blisters. For a comfortable walk, always buy one size larger than the normal size. It is also suggested to go for a leisurely walk or run in them before buying to check out whether the shoes fit you properly or not. So make sure that when buying a walking shoe, it must be one size larger than your actual size.

      4.Support Is a Key Feature Of Athletic Shoes:

      Many people love to go for a morning jog and run, but the biggest mistake is buying casual walking shoes. Walking shoes are also available for different purposes. If you want shoes for a long walk, running and jogging, you must choose Athletic Shoes. These shoes give maximum support and cushion your feet properly in the shoes. With these Athletic Shoes, you will also get proper bend for your feet and flexibility while running.

      5.Look For Right Brand And Stick To It:

      It is said that if you wear the same pair of shoes regularly, you will soon be comfortable with them. So if you keep changing pairs of shoes, your feet will quickly get tired and start causing pain, discomfort, and blisters. So it is best to stick to o of Womens Casual Slip On Shoes brands that give maximum comfort to your feet. So with the right brand, you will get habitual to the shoes and may not cause pain due to a lack of support in different pairs of walking shoes.

      6.Socks Are A Must In Walking Shoes:

      Whether winter or summer, you must wear socks in your walking shoes. When you are walking or even running in your shoes, your feet get sweaty, and the moisture caused by sweat can also damage your walking shoes, cause bristles, and be uncomfortable. While wearing walking shoes, the best option is to wear Socks inside. It helps you maintain the proper support with your walking shoes. Make sure you wear socks of the right size so it doesn’t cause any discomfort while walking.

      Final Words!

      While buying walking shoes, you must never forget that the shoes give maximum support to your feet. In the above guide, we have discussed 8 facts about walking shoes that are useful to know. 

      So next time you go for a walk or run in your favorite pair of walking shoes, ensure you get maximum support and comfort to your feet. Go and make a style statement while wearing walking shoes with confidence!

      Happy Feet




      List of Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet - Omega Walk

      List of Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet

      Flat feet are a common foot condition found among people. When the sole of your foot shoes does not arch, that signifies you have flat feet. Some people do not find any problem with flat feet, but some find it challenging to stand or move. It might result in stress to other body parts also. And if it is causing you pain in the knees, hips, feet, or back, you might be in need of treatment. 

      What steps can you take in the case of flat feet, also called overpronation? You can consider selecting the right shows to keep the flat feet problems at bay. Some individuals prefer slip on walking shoes for women, some others prefer cushioned walking shoes for men, and the choices are endless. But before discussing the style of shoes you can wear, let’s find out a few things that you need to look for while selecting walking shoes for flat feet. 

      Things To Look For While Choosing The Right Pair Of Walking Shoes – 

      Flat feed might become the cause of plantar fasciitis and add stress to your knees, ankles, or feet. You need to look for a few things while selecting the walking shoes if you have flat feet – 

      Get the shoes with wide soles to make it easy to accommodate your entire foot structure. Lightweight soles soften your steps and reduce the stress on the joints.

      Consider wearing cushioned soles to absorb the impact and feel easy while walking.

      Refrain from wearing shoes having hourglass soles. Too much arch support can make your flat feet counterproductive.

      If you are thinking that you need to keep style at the backseat while selecting shoes for overpronation and flat feet, you might need to think again. Here we have come up with a plethora of styles of shoes that won’t let you compromise on the style aspect. Keep reading to find out your favorite one.

      Bella walking shoes – Super stylish and extra comfortable – this is the perfect definition of Bella walking shoes. If you have delicate feet, this might be your thing. It comes with breathable fabric, quirky design, arch design, and fun colors. Its lightweight quality and softness come with the upper mesh material that keeps your feet dry. These shoes will keep the “foot stress” at bay. The memory foam insole is an apt thing to provide you with support and comfort. You can wear it anywhere you want, like in parks, casual occasions, festivals, and whatnot. 

      Cushioned walking shoes – If your work demands long-standing, gardening, fishing, or travel, cushioned walking shoes can be a good choice. They are durable with a good stretch which allows a secure fit. Its smooth fabric makes it comfortable to wear. Being graced with a super light wavy MD thick sole, its grip is just commendable. You will feel like pillows on your feet with its PU foam.

      Slip-on sneakers – Your flat feet need great quality shoes for walking or standing for long periods of time. And choosing to wear slip on sneakers with arch support is the best match. Stretchy, featherlight, breathable – all these words define the slip-on sneakers in an apt way. The upper mesh material used in making these shoes ensures maximum circulation and passage of fresh air. The EVA insoles of the shoes provide best-in-class shock resistance for the utmost comfort. 

      All-purpose comfortable shoes – A perfect amalgamation of simplicity and style, all-purpose comfortable shoes are meant for the style you want and comfort you crave. By wearing these shoes, you are free from the freedom, discomfort, itchiness, and foot odor. The shoes are comfortable to the extent that you won’t feel like taking them off all day. Its arch support tends to reduce pressure from the heel, thereby reducing foot pains and providing balance. The advanced grip system of these shoes will provide you with optimal stability. This pair of shoes can stabilize your feet by keeping everything in alignment. 

      Cosmos designed for all seasons – These are the pair of shoes that you can wear in any season. Its fabric is designed in a way that keeps your feet warm in winters and cool in summers. Thus, they are regarded best for temperature control. The shoes come with a seam-free soft interior lining to minimize the pressure points and friction against the skin. It leads to optimum comfort and protection to your feet. You can use it for daily wear. It is the perfect combination of balancing simplicity with styling.

      To Make A Long Story Short!

      The ideal shoes for flat feet are the ones that should not bend at the mid-foot level and provide excellent support to the arch. Keep the above-mentioned things in mind while selecting the best pair for your shoes as it is important to feel comfortable the whole day. Lastly, keep style and comfort in mind when wearing footwear because it influences your personality. 

      Best Walking Shoes For Women: Our list of Top-Sellers - Omega Walk

      Best Walking Shoes For Women: Our list of Top-Sellers

      “Hello! I want to buy a pair of comfortable sneakers for women. Can I find a good pair on Omega Walk?”

      Absolutely YES!

      Omegawalk can be your one-stop online shop for trendy and comfortable shoes. Because we know you love the style but not at the expense of comfort. For you, we have a highly dedicated team that is working tirelessly to provide you with trendy shoes at a fair price. We have shoes for men, women, and kids. So, Omegawalk can easily be your family’s shoe partner. What’s more? We have an extensive collection of fashionable and functional products, with no minimum order quantity. That means you can order one pair of Colourblocked Casual Shoes for Women for you or buy a pack of different shoe pairs for the whole family. Sounds cool? 

      It will get more interesting once we dive deeper into the mechanics of walking shoes. But wait, is this your first time on Omegawalk? Then check our blog section to get a brief insight into the world of sneakers, boots, and shoes.

      Exciting Facts About Walking Shoes

      Before we begin, ask yourself– why should you buy walking shoes? Do not skip this because there’s a reason we are making you question yourself. Okay, so let’s figure out your answer–

    • You go to work by walking, and heels are not comfortable. 
    • You are a fitness lover and spend most of your time walking, running, or exercising.
    • You just want to be comfortable in shoes.
    • Well, all your answers are legit, and we are leaving the answer section open. Anyways, walking shoes are preferable to other shoes because they provide comfort, support, and strength to your feet. It is easy to walk and move the whole day while wearing walking shoes in the office or outside without thinking about foot aches. 

      Indeed, you can walk in almost all shoes, whether running shoes or hiking boots; still, walking shoes are made solely to help you walk long distances comfortably. Now, to all our existing and future customers, if you have been looking for a ‘secret code’ to enhance the life of your walking shoes and minimize the possibility of injury or discomfort, here it is.

      Omegawalk brings you the three most exciting facts about Walking shoes, so read on!

      Get One-Size Up For Walking Shoes

      Shoes have to be of your size– Agreed! But, all shoe pairs have a different purpose. So, when you buy walking shoes, make sure it is one size up from your regular size because our feet are prone to swelling after walking for an hour. So, if you have a walking shoe pair that feels quite big, save it for walking.

      Wearing Socks Is Actually Good

      If you get blisters or hot spots on your feet, then probably it’s time to start wearing the right socks. In other words, wear socks, but wear the right socks– neither too big nor too small. Also, try to avoid wearing cotton socks when walking for long hours.

      Instead Of Boots, Long Walks Need Walking Shoes

      Many people wear boots for long-distance walks, which can significantly impact their overall foot health. Thus, you must select shoes with a little cushioning to provide your feet with comfort. One additional tip– wear motion control shoes if you overpronate while walking.

      5 Bestsellers From Omegawalk

      If the above points have enticed you, we have a list of our five best walking shoes! Check them out below–

      Colorblocked Lace-up Sneakers

      Simplicity with style, Omegawalk makes this shoe pair even better by making them comfortable. This slip-on pair is perfect for everyday use offering proper ventilation and stretch. What’s more? They don’t weigh your feet down, as these are lightweight shoes. Buy them now!

      Lace-up Mesh Walking Shoes

      Not everyone likes to don a ‘too much’ stylish shoe pair. So for them, Omegawalk brings maximum comfort that suits their minimalist styles. This shoe pair has built-in arch support and well-padded and shock-absorbing insoles. Plus, it comes with a heel-toe drop, which reduces the force impact and ankle stress while walking.

      Breathable Upper-mesh Sneakers

      When comfort meets style, Omegawalk keeps this shoe pair in light. Enough with the rhyming, but if you want a fabulous pair of walking shoes that adds style to your closet with comfort, then this is the one. Its insole is made of PU foam and will act like a pillow for your feet. A perfect combination of Excellence!

      Air-mesh Knit Sneakers

      If you've a job that keeps you standing and running the whole day, this shoe pair is probably the one for you! It is designed with synthetic knit fibre to offer your feet proper ventilation while walking or standing. It is available in five colours– Black, Orange, Pink, Blue and Red.

      Lace-up Casual Sneakers

      If you’re looking for a platform sneaker that fits you perfectly, then this is the pair for you. Its durable upper knit design is breathable and offers you complete comfort. It has a midfoot supportive element and comes with a perforated arch. You can match it with all dresses, pants and tops. Make these shoes your work, buddy!


      Omegawalk has shoes for all. That means you don’t need to look for men’s casual walking shoes anywhere except Omegawalk. So, try our bestsellers for women until we come up with another blog.

      Happy Shopping!

      Let's Have A Quick Session On Running Shoes—Myths, Facts, And FAQs! - Omega Walk

      Let's Have A Quick Session On Running Shoes—Myths, Facts, And FAQs!

      Do you ever wonder why we put our best before buying any product? Because we want the best, right?

      Exactly! Nobody would google the best walking shoes for men to buy a hiking shoe pair. Okay, another question—do you buy different shoes for different purposes or wear your walking shoes everywhere? 

      Hopefully not! Because your overall foot health degrades if they don't get proper support, plus your performance is also not up to the mark. Imagine yourself walking while wearing formal shoes and the foot ache and trauma your feet go through. The same reason stands for running shoes.

      But, there are a few misconceptions about running shoes. Read these facts and FAQs to gain better insight into running shoes!

      Misconceptions And Facts About Running Shoes No one Ever Told You!

      Here are the most common misconceptions about running shoes. 

      Wait! That's what we usually say. But what good are myths if we don't provide you with the facts? So, Omegawalk is all set to take you on a myth-busting journey along with relevant facts. Let's begin!

      Myth—You Need To Break In Your Running Shoes


      That's quite a statement. But what does it mean? When you put on your running shoes, and if they don't feel right, you may need to pick or buy a different pair. Because running shoes must feel comfortable when you put them on.

      Myth-- You Need To Replace Your Sneakers Every Six Months


      Nope! Sneaker replacement is not an electricity bill to be paid after every few months. That means you must buy new sneakers or replace old ones only when required. For instance, if your shoes are worn off, you see cushioning foam poking through, or the tread is thin, then wear the fine pair or buy a new one.

      Myth—Width And Volume Of Shoes Are The Same


      That's indeed a big myth! Let's start with the basics of volume and width. Here's a quick geometry lesson—width is measured from one side of a shoe to another, whereas volume is the space inside the shoe. If you are eager to calculate volume, multiply the shoe's width, length, and depth. In simple words, volume and width aren't identical.

      Myth—You Can Buy Running Shoes From Any Store That Sells Shoes


      The misconception may be true in a few cases, but we suggest you buy running shoes from a store with a separate collection for different categories of shoes. Simply because there you will have more variety of shoes to choose from based on your need, style, and purpose.

      FAQs About Running Shoes

      What's more? Facts and myths are a done deal, but what about FAQs? Read on as Omegawalk answers some of the most frequently asked questions about running shoes!

      My mom often suggests buying a loose pair of shoes. But I feel uncomfortable while running. So, which are better, loose or tight shoes?

      Running makes an overall impact on your body, and your feet will bear the most pressure. Therefore, you must give the proper support to your feet while running. It is shocking that many people do not even wear running shoes when they run, which affects their foot health in the long run. Another thing that can affect your feet while running is the shoe fit.

      Buying a pair of right-fit shoes has a lot to do with understanding the dynamics of your feet. There can be a few reasons for purchasing loose shoes and tight-fitted shoes. For instance, few people like to wear loose shoes to allow air passage and keep fungal infections at bay. Still, we recommend you check your shoe size every six months and buy a right-sized shoe pair—neither too tight nor too loose.

      I like playing basketball on weekends, for fun, not professionally. I wanted to know if I need to invest in a basketball shoe pair or will my regular running shoes do?

      Absolutely! Have you ever seen a runner wearing football shoes on the field? Nope. Because every shoe pair is made with a purpose and even if you play basketball for fun, investing in a basketball shoe pair is the right thing to do. Basketball is a high-impact sport that requires intense sprinting and movement. So, buying a good pair of basketball shoes will protect your feet and help you focus on the game.

      It has been three months since I bought my current running shoes. I am a regular runner, so shall I buy a new pair?

      With time and regular use, the overall material of shoe pairs can be worn down. The appearance is just one thing you notice first, but the most important factor is comfort and support. That is, after some time, depending on your use, the shoe pair may not be able to support your feet like before.


      Shoes support and protect your feet, so always buy a good, breathable, comfortable pair. If you are looking for women hiking sneakers, check our women's shoe collection.

      Happy Shopping!

      Men’s Footwear Says A Lot About Their Personalities: Let’s Find Out! - Omega Walk

      Men’s Footwear Says A Lot About Their Personalities: Let’s Find Out!

      What is it like to meet people for the very first time? It could be nerve-wracking, right? You have umpteen questions running inside your mind – Will they like me? Will I be able to convince them to give me a job? Great social skills are the need of the hour. But have you ever given a thought to men’s footwear? Yes, you heard us right. Men’s shoes say a great deal about them. Whether he is wearing comfortable walking shoes for men, sneakers, or slip-ons, every kind of footwear has its own charm on your personality. Before moving on to describe which kind of shoes depict your what characteristics, let’s find out what this interesting study says about humans and their footwear.

      Study Highlights - What Do Your Shoes Say About You?

      There are many studies that have been conducted to prove that your footwear says a lot about you. Here we have covered the study highlights of one such study. Let’s get started.

      Attachment Anxiety 

      If you are a person who keeps well-kept shoes, you could be having attachment anxiety. It may show that you are dependent on other people for reassurance.

      Extroverts And Introverts –

      Shoes that indicate wear and tear may indicate that a person is an extrovert and has emotional stability. People who wear worn shoes are not easily affected by the opinion of others. They are the people who are not brought down easily. Extroverts also like to wear partial to high-top shoes. Introverts and extroverts are quite similar in their choice of footwear. They are unlikely to wear loud pairs of footwear.

      Aggression –

      This fact could be the most surprising fact of this study. The women who love to wear ankle booties are most likely to be aggressive ones. 

      Men’s Shoes Say A Lot About Them.

      Men’s footwear reflects a lot about their personalities. Let’s talk about what each piece of footwear indicates about them?

      Dress Shoes –

      Most men prefer wearing dress shoes for formal events, or you can say for smart-casual events. It indicates that a man has a high level of self-esteem or a strong sense of self. These shoes go well with suits. Men who love to wear these kinds of shoes do not want to be seen as a teenager. Instead, he wants people to look at him as a competent adult who pays a lot of attention to his looks.

      No wonder dress shoes make you feel that you are looking your best. And it’s a psychological fact, no offense. So, if you want to look smart and versatile, why not wear dress suits to amp up your attire?  

      Boots –

      Men who wear boots are not afraid of getting messy. Boots indicate he might have been in the profession of construction, welding, or plumbing, where it is a must to keep your feet safe. If you have boots that are worn out, you need to buy another pair soon. Boots indicate that you are adventurous and an outdoorsy kind of a person. 

      You may also consider wearing the style of boot that matches your personality. A stylish pair of boots reflects your elegance. Men desire their feet to look big. And boots can add to that. Wearing boots is a sign of masculinity, and you can also use them as a style accessory to make your feet look bigger. It will surely appeal to everyone around you. 

      Slip-Ons –

      If slip-ons look old and dirty, it may make the other person think of slippers. It is hard to distinguish a man based on slip-ons unless he is wearing loafers. Slim-fit pants, along with the tailored jacket and good quality loafers, look good on a man. If a man has rolled up his pants to show his slip-ons, he could be the one following trends and fashions. He might be the one who put effort into sprucing up his appearance so that he looks coordinated. In short, he is curious, engaged, and always up for learning new things.

      Sneakers –

      No footwear can beat the comfort level of sneakers. It is not only loved by men but also by women. And it is not wrong to say that wearing breathable sneakers women looks cool and classic and makes them feel more comfortable performing any activity. 

      Additionally, you cannot immediately predict what to say about a man’s attitude if he is wearing sneakers. He could be a gym freak, going to his nearest grocery store, or just taking a walk. In short, men who wear sneakers are good ones. 

      To Sum It Up

      Believe it or not, footwear plays a key role in making your impression on someone. So, whether you are going to a date, job interview, or to your office, choose your footwear wisely. Make everyone around you awestruck with the choice of your shoes.