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      Selecting The Best Shoes For Arthritis With Us!

      Selecting The Best Shoes For Arthritis With Us!

      Our body contains many bones, with feet comprising 52 of them. Along with these, our feet have more than 200 muscles, tendons, and ligaments, making them a high-precision part of our body that lets us stand and connect with the earth. Our feet support our whole body by improving balance and ability to move. Yet we neglect them by choosing uncomfortable footwear. 

      Wearing shoes that do not fit may comfort your style cravings but sacrifices your feet's health. For instance, women often wear high heels as a style statement on special occasions, and men love wearing derby-style shoes. However, after an hour or two, your feet start hurting, and you can't wait to take off those fabulous style shoes. You can relate to this scenario very quickly because we often indulge in giving precedence to fashion over our comfort. Not to mention a situation of "arthritic feet.". However, we have a list of Arch Support Women's Shoes that can help you if you’ve arthritic feet.

      Importance Of Choosing The Right Shoes

      With changing times, people are becoming more health-oriented by opting for better alternatives like a nutritional diet, regular exercise, and even selecting a comfortable piece of clothing. All these lifestyle changes transform your current lifestyle into a quality life. Footwear is an essential accessory to protect our feet from discomfort and external harm. Therefore, it's high time people change their mindsets while buying footwear as a good pair can maximize their ability to walk and do more things.

      In contrast, wearing the wrong shoe pair when you have Arthritis in the hips, ankles, knees, or feet will only worsen your present condition. Also, it may add up to causing severe damage and complications to your other parts of the body beyond the feet. But, a good shoe pair for Arthritis can help in reducing foot pain and enhance the body's overall mobility and function. To help you select which footwear may be worse or best for you with Arthritis, here's a list of options you can pick and deselect. Read on and say hello to healthier feet!

      High Heels

      High heels are a must for those fancy events, but they harm your feet more than any other shoe pair. High heels hurt foot arch and ball that can wear out joints when you wear high heels. Studies show that frequently wearing high heels increases joint degeneration and knee osteoarthritis. To support this argument, a study published in Arthritis and Rheumatism provides factual evidence that women who had a history of wearing high heels experienced more foot pain in later stages.

      In contrast to standard high heels, you can opt for a cupped heel with a cradle toe area and anatomical arch that allows even weight distribution.

      We all love fashion, but why compromise our comfort when we can look as fashionable with slight changes. Try ‘Retro Lace-up Sneakers for Women’, offering a perfect fusion between retro and modern styles. These featherlight sneakers will keep your feet in fine shape and appeal to all fashion freaks.

      Low Heels

      Low heels may pose lesser discomfort than high heels, but they do similar damage to your feet with slight variation in magnitude. Try wearing low heels with rubber soles, roomy toe space, and wedge heels if you often wear low heels. These features will give your feet less shock, more stability, and less stress on pressure points.

      Like every new change, shoe technology has also changed. Today, your feet can be at height with our ‘Air Cushion Sock Sneakers for Women’. So, be comfortable and live this new experience.

      Flip Flops

      Flip-flops come in the category of flats, and people may assume that these offer more stability, which is true in typical cases. But in the case of arthritic feet, people may risk falling while wearing flip-flops. Otherwise, flip-flops offer an experience like walking barefoot with a cushioned support to heel and forefoot. Studies also show flip-flops can reduce knee load to the same extent as walking barefoot.

      We understand your casual footwear needs and thus bring you ‘Cosmos - Designed for All Seasons’ shoes made for daily wear purposes. These are suitable flip-flops substitutes to keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer without worrying about seasonal changes.


      Sandals are structured in a way that keeps the foot in place. The sandal straps let you adjust the shoe for a secure fit. However, you must buy more supportive sandals and avoid buying sandals with uncomfortable straps. 

      If you’re looking for flats that can provide you all-day comfort while walking, shopping, traveling, or any other long-standing activity, try ‘Arch Support Sandals for Women’ from Omegawalk. It is a comfortable and breathable pair of sandals designed with air cushion technology to provide arch support.

      Athletic Shoes

      Athletic shoes fall into two categories mainly- neutral sneakers and stability sneakers. 

      • Stability sneakers

      These stability sneakers have a thick, cushioned heel and midsole that help control the foot's motion, like overpronation. Nevertheless, stability shoes can be a better choice, but they increase knee stress. Therefore, it is suggested to buy stability shoes with good cushioning and offer better motion control for people who often overpronate. Experts recommend taking help from the sales manager at the shoe store as they can guide you better.

      • Neutral sneakers

      On the other hand, neutral shoes are the ones that offer no correction for overpronation or under-pronation. However, they provide good cushioning and shock absorption mechanisms which can benefit people with Arthritis. Usually, experts suggest that neutral sneakers are best for walking and running for those who do not suffer from any probation and biomechanical issues. 

      For women who love to wear sneakers, try buying ‘Lace-Up Cushion Walking Shoes for Women’ and ‘ Arch Support Casual Shoes for Women’. Both the styles provide proper ventilation and breathability to feet, making these perfect for those who walk or stand for a long time. 


      Boots are a healthier option for people who suffer from ankle Arthritis as it provides stabilization to the feet. For arthritic conditions, you must choose a boot with low, stable, rubber soles wedged heel that can support your arch.

      Try our ' Waterproof Winter Snow Shoes for Women' if you’re looking for boots that can keep you warm without losing fashion. These snow boots come with a rubber sole to keep your arthritic feet stable while doing indoor or outdoor activities.


      Flats are considered the best option for any foot problem. But, your flats must ensure three things- cushioning, shock absorption, and arch support. Experts recommend flexible walking shoes for people with knee arthritis. 

      We have a highly comfy pair of slippers, ‘Sootheez,’ designed explicitly for alleviating foot pain relief and bad joints. Wearing these lightweight slippers, you may feel like walking on clouds.


      Try and assess the shoe as per your foot condition and if you need help, ask the experts. Nevertheless, it's time to ditch those dressy heels and high-heeled boots for more flexible and comfortable footwear. A good shoe pair will allow your feet to breathe freely because comfort and style must walk together. Your shoe must have a blend of all goods- solid arch support, roomy toe box, and good cushioning. If you need more assistance regarding shoes, look at our website.

      A Guide To Help Women Shop For Correct Hiking Boots!

      A Guide To Help Women Shop For Correct Hiking Boots!

      Hiking is a simple word that can mean different things to you. Based on your perception, hiking can be a sport, adventure, trip, or anything. People go hiking when they feel like climbing atop the mountain to see the scenic view. The struggle is real. It can be your one Sunday morning’s cardio workout to lower the risk of heart disease and improve bone density. It is a simple exercise that takes you right in the lap of nature, but you need to do a bit of work. 

      Although hiking and walking are dissimilar, many compare them in similar contexts irrespective of their efforts and skills. While you can exercise or walk in the best walking shoes for women, you can’t go hiking with walking shoes. You must have the proper equipment, skill, and will to climb the hill. 

      Hiking is a whole experience that teaches you to take breaks from your busy routine once in a while, look and observe the world around you and relax. Here relaxation may seem contradictory to the amount of physical input you need to put into hiking, but trust us, the view from the hill is worth the struggle and will suffice you with ample relaxation. The only armor you need for hiking, apart from your extras, is a good pair of hiking shoes. Let’s understand the science behind selecting a good pair of hiking shoes!

      Hiking Shoes

      We understand the daunting shopping task, not to mention the footwear experiences. The mission to choose the right pair of shoes overwhelms us; because there is no perfect pair of shoes. Fashion, comfort, and trends are always lined up against each other, making it harder for us to find our ideal pair. Now, take a deep breath and think about buying hiking shoes. We can imagine your puzzled facial expressions. It’s hard to identify from multiple options available in the store. Okeh, let us simplify it for you.

      A hiking pair of shoes is not something for party occasions or everyday walking. Like for every sport and activity, your feet need a different set of shoe technology, so is the case with hiking shoes. While you are on the journey to hike your next hill or mountain, you need a comfortable and supporting shoe pair to protect your feet from unplanned incidents. Next, consider the type of terrain, even or uneven. If it is uneven, your hiking shoes must be better at traction and stability. There is more about hiking shoes you must know.

      Things To Consider When Buying Hiking Shoes

      Selecting a good pair of hiking shoes depends on weight, support, material, and more. Investing in proper footwear may help your feet against ankles, bloody toes, and blisters. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the appropriate footwear for hiking:

      It is crucial to understand the terrain you have chosen for hiking, like muddy, wet, rocky, etc. For instance, if you are about to hike in an area prone to heavy rains, look for waterproof shoes, whereas in a drier climate, look for breathable shoes.


      Weight is another factor that decides the experience of your overall hiking trip. Just like your body has a limit to bear the weight of bags, your feet too require that much care. When selecting a pair of hiking boots, always choose the one which does not cause unnecessary pounds on your weight. 


      Hiking is an activity of a long duration, which may force you to wear shoes for a bit longer time than usual walking practice. So ask a helper in-store to focus more on your foot’s needs. Usually, stiffer midsoles provide more support and protection to feet on rocky and uneven terrains, while higher ankle cuffs maintain feet. Here, it is crucial to understand the physics of creating balance, i.e., not going too stiff or firm with shoes.


      Like any other shoe pair, hiking boots are also made from diverse materials, from waterproof to nylon. Depending on the fabric, you can choose a lightweight, breathable pair and more. For instance, women hikers can search for the best lightweight hiking boots for women to find comfortable and proper footwear to suffice their hiking and foot needs.

      Final Notes!

      Hiking gives you an overall life experience in such a short time. A regular hiker may know that hiking life is not a bed of roses, but with every step you take, there’s a lot to learn along the way. It keeps you motivated in life and is an excellent activity to keep your brain and body feeling active. Choosing a properly-fit hiking shoe pair may not be that important for a once in a while hiker, but every foot is sensitive. So, give the care your feet deserve by shelling some money out of your pocket into a good-comfortable-supportive pair of hiking shoes. Now, you are all set to go hiking. However, check our website if you need help in your shopping ordeal. 

      The Mental Benefits of Wearing Good Shoes

      The Mental Benefits of Wearing Good Shoes

      We talked about all the physical benefits of wearing good shoes before. Our feet are the foundation of our bodies and wearing properly fitting shoes can help to align your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back. It corrects improper posture and prevents injuries. But the gains of wearing shoes that are good for your feet don’t end in the physical dimensions. In fact, wearing good shoes have several mental benefits too. 

      Without further ado, let’s see the mental benefits of wearing good shoes.

      Easy Steps, Easy Head

      Do you know the feeling when every step hurts? You get home after a long day and you just can’t wait to sit down? With good shoes, this sensation can be avoided. Wearing comfortable shoes that provides you with maximum support is like flying through your day. Physical well-being certainly affects your brain, you feel less tired, less stressed and hence gives you more mental space for your other activities. 

      Good Shoes Boosts Your Confidence

      Astoundingly research show that fashion can actually make people happier. When we feel good in what we’re wearing we tend to be more confident. What we’re wearing is how we interact with people around us. It influences what they think about us. If our style is well-received and we get compliments it boosts our confidence and can affect our well-being. When you wear shoes that are in alignment with your personal style, it will give you the mental edge that you need to conquer all the challenges of your day with confidence. Try going to a job interview in your favorite shoes. It will make a difference, no doubt!

      Foot Health Affects Your Brain

      If you’re wondering why you have brain fog, bad memory, or even depression the solution may lie in your feet. Although your feet are located the farthest distance from your brain, they still play an important role in the circulation and oxygen supply of your brain.  When circulation to the feet is poor it speeds up brain aging and raises your risk of vascular dementia, and it is the second most common type of dementia after Alzheimer’s. Feet symptoms such as cold feet, chronic fungal growth in your toenails, white nail beds or foot cramps can all signal problems that could affect your brain. Wearing good shoes can support your feet, ensure good blood flow and prevent health issues that could potentially impact your brain.

      Undoubtedly, there is a link between our shoes and our mental well-being. Choosing shoes that provide you with support and make you feel stylish will save you some mental fog, make you feel more active, and ultimately make you happier. Chose your shoes with care and make sure your body feels comfortable and light all day. Wearing good shoes is a form of self-love that will benefit you long term.

      Four Reasons To Buy Non-Skid Shoes

      Four Reasons To Buy Non-Skid Shoes

      Good shoes are comfortable, give your feet support throughout the day, and easy to match with any outfit. But how about slip resistance? Is it important?

      Slip-resistant shoes are a must if you’re someone who spends most of the day on his feet but there are some other reasons why you should consider investing in non-skid footwear.

      Without further ado, let’s see the benefits of wearing slip-proof shoes.


      As you can guess from its name, non-skid shoes are designed to save their wearer from slipping and falling on wet or oily surfaces.  Slip-resistant shoes typically have durable, anti-skid soles, and patterned tread for added friction. For that reason, it can effectively prevent injuries on slippery surfaces. 

      Traction, even on your hikes

      If you’re a hiker, non-skid shoes will be your best friend. When choosing hiking shoes, you want to find one that is as non-slip as possible Non-skid shoes have a deeper level of traction on their soles, which helps the user achieve a firm grip on the surface they are walking or climbing on. 

      Maximum comfort

      Non-skit shoes are high-quality shoes with maximum cushioning and support in the appropriate areas. This is to ensure that you don’t have to suffer from blisters, foot pains, and many other painful experiences. 

      If you’re on your feet all-day

      If you’re a busy mom or your profession requires you to stand for long hours, wearing the right shoes is a must. Being on your feet all day puts a lot of stress on your feet and knees. So if you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes with poor support, it can trigger many foot injuries. Non-Skit shoes were specially designed to give maximum support for your feet, so people with physically demanding jobs can especially benefit from wearing these.

      How do I know which shoes are slip-resistant? 

      The easiest way to tell is by looking at the shoes. Non-skid shoes have little squiggles, hexagons, or circles on the bottom of the outsole to create friction and a better grip of the floor. In general, the smaller these patterns are, the better the slip resistance of the shoes is.

      Remember, your feet are the foundation of your body. Taking good care of your feet and investing in good shoes means that you’re taking care of you’re whole body. Non-skid shoes for your everyday wear is a safe choice if you are someone living an active life and you are looking for essential comfort.

      Five Incredible Benefits Of  Wearing Insoles

      Five Incredible Benefits Of Wearing Insoles


      Let’s talk about insoles! Insoles have incredible benefits and seem to be an underrated topic when it comes to foot health. 

      The structural improvements in the feet caused by wearing insoles can help to regulate the movement of your whole body. Wearing insoles throughout the day can provide countless benefits for the feet as well as the rest of the body. 

      Here are some astounding reasons how insoles can be beneficial to your foot.


      1.Supports Foot Arch

      Perhaps the most obvious yet most important benefit of using insoles is the additional support it  provides for your foot arch. If you are suffering from arch pain consistently, it is highly recommended you start wearing arch supports or insoles. Arch pain can be caused by excessive activity and underlying problems. However, wearing arch support can be beneficial to your feet, as well as your body in the long run. Wearing an insole can help elevate your foot arch to an optimum limit. It also provides flexibility while walking, even when you are wearing a perfectly fitted shoe. 


      2.Boosts Sport Performance

      If you are a sportsperson or an athlete, insoles can be life-changing for you. Having a flat arch will promote an irregular body posture that can adversely affect or reduce your ability to do physical activities like running, jogging, or any other activity type.Without insoles , the stress on your feet increases and it can lead to injuries. Wearing insoles will give you a better body posture and reduce stress on your feet and knees. It will automatically boost your performance while doing physical activities.


      3.Relieves Foot and Lower Body Pain

      Having arch pain can lead to stressful movements every time your feet touch the ground. The joints, ligaments, and muscles of your foot will be forced to adjust to the flattening motion that will soon wear out. When this situation happens, you will likely experience a sharp pain in your arch, heel, toes, etc. Wearing insoles every day will support proper foot movement and help distribute the pressure on the bottom of your feet.


      4.Enhance Foot Health 

      The plantar fascia ligament is an elastic band that is thick and is located at the bottom side of the foot. However, any stress and pressure can cause potential problems leading to long-lasting foot pain, especially in individuals with flat feet. To reduce the chances of damage and inflammation to the ligament caused by the foot getting direct contact with the ground. You must wear insoles to prevent plantar fascia and bunions from over-stretching and getting irritated.


      5.Simple and Affordable

      Insoles are far the most affordable solution for providing support for flat arches and preventing foot problems. Flat arches can be conveniently managed by insoles and can be key to avoid more severe damage or injury. Simply place insoles in your shoes to save yourself from injuries and prevent the physical and financial costs of injuries resulting from the bad alignment of your feet.


      Remember, our feet are the foundations of our body. The many benefits of insoles make it not only the most affordable tool to prevent injuries but also an incredible support for athletes to boost performance.  The balance and alignment it provides for the feet can reduce pressure from other parts of the body and improve the overall health.