Nowadays, while many people spend their time and effort buying stylish shoes, few people choose comfortable and lightweight shoes. They decide to buy the best pair of men's and women's lightweight sneakers. It enhances style and provides steady comfort while wearing. That’s why buying the right kind of shoes is important.

Many youngsters look for only stylish shoes as they want to stand out in the crowd, but they do not realise how uncomfortable they can feel in the long run and what problems they can experience with such shoes. If you're like most people, you may also not give much thought to having comfortable, stylish, and lightweight shoes. You may hardly notice how uncomfortable or inconvenient they are until it's too late, and your shoe starts pinching your toes or rubbing against your heels. Here are some problems that can occur if you wear ill-fitted shoes:

7 Problems That Ill-Fitting Shoes Can cause


When your shoes don't fit properly, it puts pressure on certain parts of your feet. The bony bump is caused by the feet, known as Bunions. It is formed on the joint on the base of the big toe of your feet. If you have bunions, you must buy shoes that fit properly and provide support and protection against further damage and discomfort. It is caused because the toes are forced tightly into the front of the shoes. The blood flow from the nerve goes to the toes and gets restricted, which causes severe pain. 

2.Ingrown Nails:

Wearing shoes that are too tight or have pointed toes can cause your nails to grow into the skin, causing ingrown fingernails. In this condition, the nails of your feet can get infected and painful. The skin around the nail may get red, swollen, and infected. You can avoid this condition by cutting your nails straight to avoid getting ingrown, or you should also wear perfect-fit shoes with soft cushioned soles.

3.Diabetic Feet:

In diabetics, the sensation is altered so that people with diabetes are more likely to suffer foot injuries. People with diabetic feet should have good quality shoes as they need more protection and should have less restrictive footwear. They should wear shoes that fit properly, protect them against injury, and provide support while walking. Diabetic feet are more likely to get injured. So it is important to wear the right shoe, which protects the foot from injury and warmth and can provide comfort.


If you have corns or calluses on the balls of your feet, then you should avoid wearing shoes that are too tight. You can also suffer from corn if shoes don't fit right, which can cause extra skin to build up around the highest pressure point on the toe. It is better to buy wide and rounded-toe footwear to prevent developing calluses or corns. If you have corn on your foot, it is better to get special types of shoes, like Non-Slip Shoes For Women made at shoe stores. You should also avoid wearing only closed-toed shoes as they may cause blisters and foot injuries.

5. Athlete's foot:

Wearing ill-fitting shoes or shoes which are too tight can result in an athlete's foot. An athlete's foot is an inflammation or infection of the skin between the toes. The most common places to get an athlete's foot are between the toes and on the bottom of the feet in a warm, moist environment, such as showers, swimming pools, and gyms. Using anti-fungal creams, powders and moisturisers can help solve this problem. You can also wear socks, which keep the feet dry and warm.


Hammertoe is caused by the tightness of a shoe causing the toes to twist and contract. It affects the joints of the second, third, fourth, and fifth toes. To prevent this, you should get shoes that fit properly, provide the right support and protection, and have loose-fitting toe boxes. If you have a hammertoe and your shoes are too tight, then it will cause pain when walking and twisting of big toes can be painful.

7.Heel pain

Ill-fitting shoes also put a lot of pressure on the back of your heel when it is not appropriately supported. It may leave you with pain and swelling at the back of your heel. It may also cause Achilles pain which is caused due to tightness, friction, and irritation in the Achilles tendon. To avoid this problem, it is important to wear well-fitted shoes which provide enough room for your toes. Avoid over-tightening the laces, as this can cause them to come loose, resulting in injury.


It is important to buy the right kind of shoes which provide proper support for your feet and give you comfortable, stylish, and durable footwear. This way, you can wear the best-designed, quality, and most comfortable sneakers in whatever outfit you have. So choose wisely and get the best pair of men's & women's lightweight sneakers


Navneet Singh