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      Best Walking Shoes For Women: Our list of Top-Sellers - Omega Walk

      Best Walking Shoes For Women: Our list of Top-Sellers

      “Hello! I want to buy a pair of comfortable sneakers for women. Can I find a good pair on Omega Walk?”

      Absolutely YES!

      Omegawalk can be your one-stop online shop for trendy and comfortable shoes. Because we know you love the style but not at the expense of comfort. For you, we have a highly dedicated team that is working tirelessly to provide you with trendy shoes at a fair price. We have shoes for men, women, and kids. So, Omegawalk can easily be your family’s shoe partner. What’s more? We have an extensive collection of fashionable and functional products, with no minimum order quantity. That means you can order one pair of Colourblocked Casual Shoes for Women for you or buy a pack of different shoe pairs for the whole family. Sounds cool? 

      It will get more interesting once we dive deeper into the mechanics of walking shoes. But wait, is this your first time on Omegawalk? Then check our blog section to get a brief insight into the world of sneakers, boots, and shoes.

      Exciting Facts About Walking Shoes

      Before we begin, ask yourself– why should you buy walking shoes? Do not skip this because there’s a reason we are making you question yourself. Okay, so let’s figure out your answer–

    • You go to work by walking, and heels are not comfortable. 
    • You are a fitness lover and spend most of your time walking, running, or exercising.
    • You just want to be comfortable in shoes.
    • Well, all your answers are legit, and we are leaving the answer section open. Anyways, walking shoes are preferable to other shoes because they provide comfort, support, and strength to your feet. It is easy to walk and move the whole day while wearing walking shoes in the office or outside without thinking about foot aches. 

      Indeed, you can walk in almost all shoes, whether running shoes or hiking boots; still, walking shoes are made solely to help you walk long distances comfortably. Now, to all our existing and future customers, if you have been looking for a ‘secret code’ to enhance the life of your walking shoes and minimize the possibility of injury or discomfort, here it is.

      Omegawalk brings you the three most exciting facts about Walking shoes, so read on!

      Get One-Size Up For Walking Shoes

      Shoes have to be of your size– Agreed! But, all shoe pairs have a different purpose. So, when you buy walking shoes, make sure it is one size up from your regular size because our feet are prone to swelling after walking for an hour. So, if you have a walking shoe pair that feels quite big, save it for walking.

      Wearing Socks Is Actually Good

      If you get blisters or hot spots on your feet, then probably it’s time to start wearing the right socks. In other words, wear socks, but wear the right socks– neither too big nor too small. Also, try to avoid wearing cotton socks when walking for long hours.

      Instead Of Boots, Long Walks Need Walking Shoes

      Many people wear boots for long-distance walks, which can significantly impact their overall foot health. Thus, you must select shoes with a little cushioning to provide your feet with comfort. One additional tip– wear motion control shoes if you overpronate while walking.

      5 Bestsellers From Omegawalk

      If the above points have enticed you, we have a list of our five best walking shoes! Check them out below–

      Colorblocked Lace-up Sneakers

      Simplicity with style, Omegawalk makes this shoe pair even better by making them comfortable. This slip-on pair is perfect for everyday use offering proper ventilation and stretch. What’s more? They don’t weigh your feet down, as these are lightweight shoes. Buy them now!

      Lace-up Mesh Walking Shoes

      Not everyone likes to don a ‘too much’ stylish shoe pair. So for them, Omegawalk brings maximum comfort that suits their minimalist styles. This shoe pair has built-in arch support and well-padded and shock-absorbing insoles. Plus, it comes with a heel-toe drop, which reduces the force impact and ankle stress while walking.

      Breathable Upper-mesh Sneakers

      When comfort meets style, Omegawalk keeps this shoe pair in light. Enough with the rhyming, but if you want a fabulous pair of walking shoes that adds style to your closet with comfort, then this is the one. Its insole is made of PU foam and will act like a pillow for your feet. A perfect combination of Excellence!

      Air-mesh Knit Sneakers

      If you've a job that keeps you standing and running the whole day, this shoe pair is probably the one for you! It is designed with synthetic knit fibre to offer your feet proper ventilation while walking or standing. It is available in five colours– Black, Orange, Pink, Blue and Red.

      Lace-up Casual Sneakers

      If you’re looking for a platform sneaker that fits you perfectly, then this is the pair for you. Its durable upper knit design is breathable and offers you complete comfort. It has a midfoot supportive element and comes with a perforated arch. You can match it with all dresses, pants and tops. Make these shoes your work, buddy!


      Omegawalk has shoes for all. That means you don’t need to look for men’s casual walking shoes anywhere except Omegawalk. So, try our bestsellers for women until we come up with another blog.

      Happy Shopping!

      Why Do You Need To Choose Right Hiking Shoes? - Omega Walk

      Why Do You Need To Choose Right Hiking Shoes?

      Choosing the wrong hiking shoes or boots may ruin any hike, whether a day hike or a high-altitude journey to the highest Base Camp. When it comes to hiking, it's not only about men; some shoes are considered the best hiking shoes for women that will help them trek without any inconvenience. In this blog, we'll look at how to pick the best pair of trekking shoes

      There are several different footwear styles for trekking and hiking, including high and low ankle boots, trail shoes, insulated boots, etc. A pair of high-quality shoes, like good quality clothing, is an investment; therefore, choose the most fabulous pair. There are many different sorts of hiking shoes and boots available. They fall under one of the following categories:

      What Are The Shoes for Hiking?

      These shoes resemble regular sports shoes but include added grip and waterproofing technologies. They lack the ankle support of boots, but they are strong and provide more support than standard shoes. These shoes are perfect for daytime hikes and trips that do not need much walking. These are the lightest Sneakers For Men in the category, allowing you to carry them with you if you have a weight limit. They're not the best at keeping water out, so they're best for hiking in dry weather.

      Trekking Boots/Shoes with Different Features

      Each boot/shoe has its own set of characteristics. Before purchasing a hiking shoe, do some research. Before buying a pair of shoes, consider the following features:

      • The type of material used is the most crucial part of the shoes. Synthetic, leather or waterproof layer are used in some shoes. Some hiking shoes are made of a synthetic material that is lightweight and quick to dry. Leather is also excellent since it prevents water from entering and is quite durable; however, it is somewhat heavier. Some boots have a waterproof layer which makes the shoes breathable and light while keeping water out.
      • Another thing to think about is the amount of padding. Some shoes have significantly more cushioning and are thus more comfortable for some people. It might not be as comfy to wear if someone does not have too much padding while trekking. 
      • The support you get from the shoe, the height of the ankle support, and the stiffness of the shoe are all aspects to think about while selecting the proper shoe. Some folks like the stiffer shoe because it gives additional support.
      • The importance of the sole when it comes to using it for the trek — Many hiking shoes feature the best soles, which are great at giving grip. Make sure to check at the grooves on the bottom of the shoe for traction. 
      • Check whether it is suitable for your feet. Crampons are not ideal for most shoes. Only selecting boots may be convenient, so bear that in mind when buying your next pair of shoes.

      Why Consider The Proper Fit?

      The most crucial part of selecting the appropriate trekking footwear is that it will help you on dangerous routes. We arrive at the final factor, 'The Proper Fit,' after you've decided on the sort of shoes or boots and studied the many aspects. We strongly advise trying on and walking in any footwear before purchasing. While trying on the shoes, keep the following in mind:

      1.Understand Your Size.

      The first step is to measure your foot size and put on the shoe that corresponds to it; if it's too tight or too loose, go up a size. The shoe should be more significant than your foot to allow wriggle space. A half-size larger is generally sufficient. Your foot expands somewhat in the evening, which may affect the sizing. So, if possible, test the boot in the evening.

      2.Appropriate Socks

      Many individuals overlook the need to wear good woolen or mountaineering socks when trying on hiking boots. When you try on trekking boots, bring the right socks with you since they'll assist you in determining the ideal size and how you'll use the shoe while hiking.

      3.Spend Time In The Shoes

      The best technique to do when checking the shoes is to determine whether a shoe or boot fits is to walking in and trying them properly in the shop. You'll get a sense of how the shoe fits as you walk in it. Jog around the shop, bounce in them; it all helps.

      4.Pay Attention To Your Feet

      While wearing the boot, pay attention to your feet to determine where the boot is tight and where the pain areas are.

      To Sum It Up!

      Trekking footwear is the most critical piece of gear you'll need because it's your ticket to the great outdoors. It should be seen as an investment, just like any other high-quality gear. If you take good care of your shoes and boots, they will last a long time. We recommend purchasing the highest quality product you can afford. We at Omega Walk will be delighted to assist you in selecting the appropriate trekking footwear.