What is it like to meet people for the very first time? It could be nerve-wracking, right? You have umpteen questions running inside your mind – Will they like me? Will I be able to convince them to give me a job? Great social skills are the need of the hour. But have you ever given a thought to men’s footwear? Yes, you heard us right. Men’s shoes say a great deal about them. Whether he is wearing comfortable walking shoes for men, sneakers, or slip-ons, every kind of footwear has its own charm on your personality. Before moving on to describe which kind of shoes depict your what characteristics, let’s find out what this interesting study says about humans and their footwear.

Study Highlights - What Do Your Shoes Say About You?

There are many studies that have been conducted to prove that your footwear says a lot about you. Here we have covered the study highlights of one such study. Let’s get started.

Attachment Anxiety 

If you are a person who keeps well-kept shoes, you could be having attachment anxiety. It may show that you are dependent on other people for reassurance.

Extroverts And Introverts –

Shoes that indicate wear and tear may indicate that a person is an extrovert and has emotional stability. People who wear worn shoes are not easily affected by the opinion of others. They are the people who are not brought down easily. Extroverts also like to wear partial to high-top shoes. Introverts and extroverts are quite similar in their choice of footwear. They are unlikely to wear loud pairs of footwear.

Aggression –

This fact could be the most surprising fact of this study. The women who love to wear ankle booties are most likely to be aggressive ones. 

Men’s Shoes Say A Lot About Them.

Men’s footwear reflects a lot about their personalities. Let’s talk about what each piece of footwear indicates about them?

Dress Shoes –

Most men prefer wearing dress shoes for formal events, or you can say for smart-casual events. It indicates that a man has a high level of self-esteem or a strong sense of self. These shoes go well with suits. Men who love to wear these kinds of shoes do not want to be seen as a teenager. Instead, he wants people to look at him as a competent adult who pays a lot of attention to his looks.

No wonder dress shoes make you feel that you are looking your best. And it’s a psychological fact, no offense. So, if you want to look smart and versatile, why not wear dress suits to amp up your attire?  

Boots –

Men who wear boots are not afraid of getting messy. Boots indicate he might have been in the profession of construction, welding, or plumbing, where it is a must to keep your feet safe. If you have boots that are worn out, you need to buy another pair soon. Boots indicate that you are adventurous and an outdoorsy kind of a person. 

You may also consider wearing the style of boot that matches your personality. A stylish pair of boots reflects your elegance. Men desire their feet to look big. And boots can add to that. Wearing boots is a sign of masculinity, and you can also use them as a style accessory to make your feet look bigger. It will surely appeal to everyone around you. 

Slip-Ons –

If slip-ons look old and dirty, it may make the other person think of slippers. It is hard to distinguish a man based on slip-ons unless he is wearing loafers. Slim-fit pants, along with the tailored jacket and good quality loafers, look good on a man. If a man has rolled up his pants to show his slip-ons, he could be the one following trends and fashions. He might be the one who put effort into sprucing up his appearance so that he looks coordinated. In short, he is curious, engaged, and always up for learning new things.

Sneakers –

No footwear can beat the comfort level of sneakers. It is not only loved by men but also by women. And it is not wrong to say that wearing breathable sneakers women looks cool and classic and makes them feel more comfortable performing any activity. 

Additionally, you cannot immediately predict what to say about a man’s attitude if he is wearing sneakers. He could be a gym freak, going to his nearest grocery store, or just taking a walk. In short, men who wear sneakers are good ones. 

To Sum It Up

Believe it or not, footwear plays a key role in making your impression on someone. So, whether you are going to a date, job interview, or to your office, choose your footwear wisely. Make everyone around you awestruck with the choice of your shoes. 



Navneet Singh