Everyone knows that there is nothing more comfortable than a walking shoe. Wearing them, you can walk for long distances, exercise comfortably, and even run or jog in them. Nowadays, most women wear these shoes in routine as they are available in various colors, styles, and designs. It is wise to buy Womens Casual Slip On Shoes with expectations because they are comfortable, attractive, and durable. But while they are widespread and known, there are many facts about walking shoes that people don't know. The guide is all about amazing facts everyone should know about who is wearing these walking shoes.

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1.Lifespan Of Walking Shoes Is Limited:

Many people think the shoes are more costly or branded ones they buy will last a long lifetime. But the walking shoes last only for a maximum of 500 miles. The reason is that the shoes are made of leather and rubber materials which wear out soon and must be replaced. Sometimes you may see that your shoes are in good condition from above, but inside they are not. Wearing these un-cushioned and broken shoes leads to tired feet and more prone to injuries. So keep in mind that when you are buying shoes, a long lifespan is not possible. Instead of paying more to a doctor for your twisted ankle or surgery, buy a new pair of comfortable walking shoes.

2.Right Lacing Technique Prevent Heel Slippage:

When you experience discomfort, pain, or black toenail when you walk in your walking shoes, it’s not the size of your shoes but the style of lacing them. Many people do not lace up their shoes with proper technique and keep on blaming the shoes for not fitting them. Research has shown that for people who tie their laces correctly, the heels remain in the shoe heels cups, and there is enough space for your toes to expand properly. This technique also helps prevent heel blisters, so ensure you know the correct approach to lace your walking shoes and walk in them comfortably.

3.Buy One Size Larger Than Regular Size:

When buying walking shoes, most people think they need to buy a smaller size to keep their feet comfortable and give them enough room. They are wrong. Remember that while walking, your feet swell, so if you wear tight shoes, it will cause pain and blisters. For a comfortable walk, always buy one size larger than the normal size. It is also suggested to go for a leisurely walk or run in them before buying to check out whether the shoes fit you properly or not. So make sure that when buying a walking shoe, it must be one size larger than your actual size.

4.Support Is a Key Feature Of Athletic Shoes:

Many people love to go for a morning jog and run, but the biggest mistake is buying casual walking shoes. Walking shoes are also available for different purposes. If you want shoes for a long walk, running and jogging, you must choose Athletic Shoes. These shoes give maximum support and cushion your feet properly in the shoes. With these Athletic Shoes, you will also get proper bend for your feet and flexibility while running.

5.Look For Right Brand And Stick To It:

It is said that if you wear the same pair of shoes regularly, you will soon be comfortable with them. So if you keep changing pairs of shoes, your feet will quickly get tired and start causing pain, discomfort, and blisters. So it is best to stick to o of Womens Casual Slip On Shoes brands that give maximum comfort to your feet. So with the right brand, you will get habitual to the shoes and may not cause pain due to a lack of support in different pairs of walking shoes.

6.Socks Are A Must In Walking Shoes:

Whether winter or summer, you must wear socks in your walking shoes. When you are walking or even running in your shoes, your feet get sweaty, and the moisture caused by sweat can also damage your walking shoes, cause bristles, and be uncomfortable. While wearing walking shoes, the best option is to wear Socks inside. It helps you maintain the proper support with your walking shoes. Make sure you wear socks of the right size so it doesn’t cause any discomfort while walking.

Final Words!

While buying walking shoes, you must never forget that the shoes give maximum support to your feet. In the above guide, we have discussed 8 facts about walking shoes that are useful to know. 

So next time you go for a walk or run in your favorite pair of walking shoes, ensure you get maximum support and comfort to your feet. Go and make a style statement while wearing walking shoes with confidence!

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September 26, 2022 — Navneet Singh