Our body contains many bones, with feet comprising 52 of them. Along with these, our feet have more than 200 muscles, tendons, and ligaments, making them a high-precision part of our body that lets us stand and connect with the earth. Our feet support our whole body by improving balance and ability to move. Yet we neglect them by choosing uncomfortable footwear. 

Wearing shoes that do not fit may comfort your style cravings but sacrifices your feet's health. For instance, women often wear high heels as a style statement on special occasions, and men love wearing derby-style shoes. However, after an hour or two, your feet start hurting, and you can't wait to take off those fabulous style shoes. You can relate to this scenario very quickly because we often indulge in giving precedence to fashion over our comfort. Not to mention a situation of "arthritic feet.". However, we have a list of Arch Support Women's Shoes that can help you if you’ve arthritic feet.

Importance Of Choosing The Right Shoes

With changing times, people are becoming more health-oriented by opting for better alternatives like a nutritional diet, regular exercise, and even selecting a comfortable piece of clothing. All these lifestyle changes transform your current lifestyle into a quality life. Footwear is an essential accessory to protect our feet from discomfort and external harm. Therefore, it's high time people change their mindsets while buying footwear as a good pair can maximize their ability to walk and do more things.

In contrast, wearing the wrong shoe pair when you have Arthritis in the hips, ankles, knees, or feet will only worsen your present condition. Also, it may add up to causing severe damage and complications to your other parts of the body beyond the feet. But, a good shoe pair for Arthritis can help in reducing foot pain and enhance the body's overall mobility and function. To help you select which footwear may be worse or best for you with Arthritis, here's a list of options you can pick and deselect. Read on and say hello to healthier feet!

High Heels

High heels are a must for those fancy events, but they harm your feet more than any other shoe pair. High heels hurt foot arch and ball that can wear out joints when you wear high heels. Studies show that frequently wearing high heels increases joint degeneration and knee osteoarthritis. To support this argument, a study published in Arthritis and Rheumatism provides factual evidence that women who had a history of wearing high heels experienced more foot pain in later stages.

In contrast to standard high heels, you can opt for a cupped heel with a cradle toe area and anatomical arch that allows even weight distribution.

We all love fashion, but why compromise our comfort when we can look as fashionable with slight changes. Try ‘Retro Lace-up Sneakers for Women’, offering a perfect fusion between retro and modern styles. These featherlight sneakers will keep your feet in fine shape and appeal to all fashion freaks.

Low Heels

Low heels may pose lesser discomfort than high heels, but they do similar damage to your feet with slight variation in magnitude. Try wearing low heels with rubber soles, roomy toe space, and wedge heels if you often wear low heels. These features will give your feet less shock, more stability, and less stress on pressure points.

Like every new change, shoe technology has also changed. Today, your feet can be at height with our ‘Air Cushion Sock Sneakers for Women’. So, be comfortable and live this new experience.

Flip Flops

Flip-flops come in the category of flats, and people may assume that these offer more stability, which is true in typical cases. But in the case of arthritic feet, people may risk falling while wearing flip-flops. Otherwise, flip-flops offer an experience like walking barefoot with a cushioned support to heel and forefoot. Studies also show flip-flops can reduce knee load to the same extent as walking barefoot.

We understand your casual footwear needs and thus bring you ‘Cosmos - Designed for All Seasons’ shoes made for daily wear purposes. These are suitable flip-flops substitutes to keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer without worrying about seasonal changes.


Sandals are structured in a way that keeps the foot in place. The sandal straps let you adjust the shoe for a secure fit. However, you must buy more supportive sandals and avoid buying sandals with uncomfortable straps. 

If you’re looking for flats that can provide you all-day comfort while walking, shopping, traveling, or any other long-standing activity, try ‘Arch Support Sandals for Women’ from Omegawalk. It is a comfortable and breathable pair of sandals designed with air cushion technology to provide arch support.

Athletic Shoes

Athletic shoes fall into two categories mainly- neutral sneakers and stability sneakers. 

  • Stability sneakers

These stability sneakers have a thick, cushioned heel and midsole that help control the foot's motion, like overpronation. Nevertheless, stability shoes can be a better choice, but they increase knee stress. Therefore, it is suggested to buy stability shoes with good cushioning and offer better motion control for people who often overpronate. Experts recommend taking help from the sales manager at the shoe store as they can guide you better.

  • Neutral sneakers

On the other hand, neutral shoes are the ones that offer no correction for overpronation or under-pronation. However, they provide good cushioning and shock absorption mechanisms which can benefit people with Arthritis. Usually, experts suggest that neutral sneakers are best for walking and running for those who do not suffer from any probation and biomechanical issues. 

For women who love to wear sneakers, try buying ‘Lace-Up Cushion Walking Shoes for Women’ and ‘ Arch Support Casual Shoes for Women’. Both the styles provide proper ventilation and breathability to feet, making these perfect for those who walk or stand for a long time. 


Boots are a healthier option for people who suffer from ankle Arthritis as it provides stabilization to the feet. For arthritic conditions, you must choose a boot with low, stable, rubber soles wedged heel that can support your arch.

Try our ' Waterproof Winter Snow Shoes for Women' if you’re looking for boots that can keep you warm without losing fashion. These snow boots come with a rubber sole to keep your arthritic feet stable while doing indoor or outdoor activities.


Flats are considered the best option for any foot problem. But, your flats must ensure three things- cushioning, shock absorption, and arch support. Experts recommend flexible walking shoes for people with knee arthritis. 

We have a highly comfy pair of slippers, ‘Sootheez,’ designed explicitly for alleviating foot pain relief and bad joints. Wearing these lightweight slippers, you may feel like walking on clouds.


Try and assess the shoe as per your foot condition and if you need help, ask the experts. Nevertheless, it's time to ditch those dressy heels and high-heeled boots for more flexible and comfortable footwear. A good shoe pair will allow your feet to breathe freely because comfort and style must walk together. Your shoe must have a blend of all goods- solid arch support, roomy toe box, and good cushioning. If you need more assistance regarding shoes, look at our website.

May 02, 2022 — Simprosys InfoMedia