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      News — best walking shoes for women

      Best Walking Shoes For Women: Our list of Top-Sellers - Omega Walk

      Best Walking Shoes For Women: Our list of Top-Sellers

      “Hello! I want to buy a pair of comfortable sneakers for women. Can I find a good pair on Omega Walk?”

      Absolutely YES!

      Omegawalk can be your one-stop online shop for trendy and comfortable shoes. Because we know you love the style but not at the expense of comfort. For you, we have a highly dedicated team that is working tirelessly to provide you with trendy shoes at a fair price. We have shoes for men, women, and kids. So, Omegawalk can easily be your family’s shoe partner. What’s more? We have an extensive collection of fashionable and functional products, with no minimum order quantity. That means you can order one pair of Colourblocked Casual Shoes for Women for you or buy a pack of different shoe pairs for the whole family. Sounds cool? 

      It will get more interesting once we dive deeper into the mechanics of walking shoes. But wait, is this your first time on Omegawalk? Then check our blog section to get a brief insight into the world of sneakers, boots, and shoes.

      Exciting Facts About Walking Shoes

      Before we begin, ask yourself– why should you buy walking shoes? Do not skip this because there’s a reason we are making you question yourself. Okay, so let’s figure out your answer–

    • You go to work by walking, and heels are not comfortable. 
    • You are a fitness lover and spend most of your time walking, running, or exercising.
    • You just want to be comfortable in shoes.
    • Well, all your answers are legit, and we are leaving the answer section open. Anyways, walking shoes are preferable to other shoes because they provide comfort, support, and strength to your feet. It is easy to walk and move the whole day while wearing walking shoes in the office or outside without thinking about foot aches. 

      Indeed, you can walk in almost all shoes, whether running shoes or hiking boots; still, walking shoes are made solely to help you walk long distances comfortably. Now, to all our existing and future customers, if you have been looking for a ‘secret code’ to enhance the life of your walking shoes and minimize the possibility of injury or discomfort, here it is.

      Omegawalk brings you the three most exciting facts about Walking shoes, so read on!

      Get One-Size Up For Walking Shoes

      Shoes have to be of your size– Agreed! But, all shoe pairs have a different purpose. So, when you buy walking shoes, make sure it is one size up from your regular size because our feet are prone to swelling after walking for an hour. So, if you have a walking shoe pair that feels quite big, save it for walking.

      Wearing Socks Is Actually Good

      If you get blisters or hot spots on your feet, then probably it’s time to start wearing the right socks. In other words, wear socks, but wear the right socks– neither too big nor too small. Also, try to avoid wearing cotton socks when walking for long hours.

      Instead Of Boots, Long Walks Need Walking Shoes

      Many people wear boots for long-distance walks, which can significantly impact their overall foot health. Thus, you must select shoes with a little cushioning to provide your feet with comfort. One additional tip– wear motion control shoes if you overpronate while walking.

      5 Bestsellers From Omegawalk

      If the above points have enticed you, we have a list of our five best walking shoes! Check them out below–

      Colorblocked Lace-up Sneakers

      Simplicity with style, Omegawalk makes this shoe pair even better by making them comfortable. This slip-on pair is perfect for everyday use offering proper ventilation and stretch. What’s more? They don’t weigh your feet down, as these are lightweight shoes. Buy them now!

      Lace-up Mesh Walking Shoes

      Not everyone likes to don a ‘too much’ stylish shoe pair. So for them, Omegawalk brings maximum comfort that suits their minimalist styles. This shoe pair has built-in arch support and well-padded and shock-absorbing insoles. Plus, it comes with a heel-toe drop, which reduces the force impact and ankle stress while walking.

      Breathable Upper-mesh Sneakers

      When comfort meets style, Omegawalk keeps this shoe pair in light. Enough with the rhyming, but if you want a fabulous pair of walking shoes that adds style to your closet with comfort, then this is the one. Its insole is made of PU foam and will act like a pillow for your feet. A perfect combination of Excellence!

      Air-mesh Knit Sneakers

      If you've a job that keeps you standing and running the whole day, this shoe pair is probably the one for you! It is designed with synthetic knit fibre to offer your feet proper ventilation while walking or standing. It is available in five colours– Black, Orange, Pink, Blue and Red.

      Lace-up Casual Sneakers

      If you’re looking for a platform sneaker that fits you perfectly, then this is the pair for you. Its durable upper knit design is breathable and offers you complete comfort. It has a midfoot supportive element and comes with a perforated arch. You can match it with all dresses, pants and tops. Make these shoes your work, buddy!


      Omegawalk has shoes for all. That means you don’t need to look for men’s casual walking shoes anywhere except Omegawalk. So, try our bestsellers for women until we come up with another blog.

      Happy Shopping!

      A Guide To Help Women Shop For Correct Hiking Boots! - Omega Walk

      A Guide To Help Women Shop For Correct Hiking Boots!

      Hiking is a simple word that can mean different things to you. Based on your perception, hiking can be a sport, adventure, trip, or anything. People go hiking when they feel like climbing atop the mountain to see the scenic view. The struggle is real. It can be your one Sunday morning’s cardio workout to lower the risk of heart disease and improve bone density. It is a simple exercise that takes you right in the lap of nature, but you need to do a bit of work. 

      Although hiking and walking are dissimilar, many compare them in similar contexts irrespective of their efforts and skills. While you can exercise or walk in the best walking shoes for women, you can’t go hiking with walking shoes. You must have the proper equipment, skill, and will to climb the hill. 

      Hiking is a whole experience that teaches you to take breaks from your busy routine once in a while, look and observe the world around you and relax. Here relaxation may seem contradictory to the amount of physical input you need to put into hiking, but trust us, the view from the hill is worth the struggle and will suffice you with ample relaxation. The only armor you need for hiking, apart from your extras, is a good pair of hiking shoes. Let’s understand the science behind selecting a good pair of hiking shoes!

      Hiking Shoes

      We understand the daunting shopping task, not to mention the footwear experiences. The mission to choose the right pair of shoes overwhelms us; because there is no perfect pair of shoes. Fashion, comfort, and trends are always lined up against each other, making it harder for us to find our ideal pair. Now, take a deep breath and think about buying hiking shoes. We can imagine your puzzled facial expressions. It’s hard to identify from multiple options available in the store. Okeh, let us simplify it for you.

      A hiking pair of shoes is not something for party occasions or everyday walking. Like for every sport and activity, your feet need a different set of shoe technology, so is the case with hiking shoes. While you are on the journey to hike your next hill or mountain, you need a comfortable and supporting shoe pair to protect your feet from unplanned incidents. Next, consider the type of terrain, even or uneven. If it is uneven, your hiking shoes must be better at traction and stability. There is more about hiking shoes you must know.

      Things To Consider When Buying Hiking Shoes

      Selecting a good pair of hiking shoes depends on weight, support, material, and more. Investing in proper footwear may help your feet against ankles, bloody toes, and blisters. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the appropriate footwear for hiking:

      It is crucial to understand the terrain you have chosen for hiking, like muddy, wet, rocky, etc. For instance, if you are about to hike in an area prone to heavy rains, look for waterproof shoes, whereas in a drier climate, look for breathable shoes.


      Weight is another factor that decides the experience of your overall hiking trip. Just like your body has a limit to bear the weight of bags, your feet too require that much care. When selecting a pair of hiking boots, always choose the one which does not cause unnecessary pounds on your weight. 


      Hiking is an activity of a long duration, which may force you to wear shoes for a bit longer time than usual walking practice. So ask a helper in-store to focus more on your foot’s needs. Usually, stiffer midsoles provide more support and protection to feet on rocky and uneven terrains, while higher ankle cuffs maintain feet. Here, it is crucial to understand the physics of creating balance, i.e., not going too stiff or firm with shoes.


      Like any other shoe pair, hiking boots are also made from diverse materials, from waterproof to nylon. Depending on the fabric, you can choose a lightweight, breathable pair and more. For instance, women hikers can search for the best lightweight hiking boots for women to find comfortable and proper footwear to suffice their hiking and foot needs.

      Final Notes!

      Hiking gives you an overall life experience in such a short time. A regular hiker may know that hiking life is not a bed of roses, but with every step you take, there’s a lot to learn along the way. It keeps you motivated in life and is an excellent activity to keep your brain and body feeling active. Choosing a properly-fit hiking shoe pair may not be that important for a once in a while hiker, but every foot is sensitive. So, give the care your feet deserve by shelling some money out of your pocket into a good-comfortable-supportive pair of hiking shoes. Now, you are all set to go hiking. However, check our website if you need help in your shopping ordeal.