Do you ever wonder why we put our best before buying any product? Because we want the best, right?

Exactly! Nobody would google the best walking shoes for men to buy a hiking shoe pair. Okay, another question—do you buy different shoes for different purposes or wear your walking shoes everywhere? 

Hopefully not! Because your overall foot health degrades if they don't get proper support, plus your performance is also not up to the mark. Imagine yourself walking while wearing formal shoes and the foot ache and trauma your feet go through. The same reason stands for running shoes.

But, there are a few misconceptions about running shoes. Read these facts and FAQs to gain better insight into running shoes!

Misconceptions And Facts About Running Shoes No one Ever Told You!

Here are the most common misconceptions about running shoes. 

Wait! That's what we usually say. But what good are myths if we don't provide you with the facts? So, Omegawalk is all set to take you on a myth-busting journey along with relevant facts. Let's begin!

Myth—You Need To Break In Your Running Shoes


That's quite a statement. But what does it mean? When you put on your running shoes, and if they don't feel right, you may need to pick or buy a different pair. Because running shoes must feel comfortable when you put them on.

Myth-- You Need To Replace Your Sneakers Every Six Months


Nope! Sneaker replacement is not an electricity bill to be paid after every few months. That means you must buy new sneakers or replace old ones only when required. For instance, if your shoes are worn off, you see cushioning foam poking through, or the tread is thin, then wear the fine pair or buy a new one.

Myth—Width And Volume Of Shoes Are The Same


That's indeed a big myth! Let's start with the basics of volume and width. Here's a quick geometry lesson—width is measured from one side of a shoe to another, whereas volume is the space inside the shoe. If you are eager to calculate volume, multiply the shoe's width, length, and depth. In simple words, volume and width aren't identical.

Myth—You Can Buy Running Shoes From Any Store That Sells Shoes


The misconception may be true in a few cases, but we suggest you buy running shoes from a store with a separate collection for different categories of shoes. Simply because there you will have more variety of shoes to choose from based on your need, style, and purpose.

FAQs About Running Shoes

What's more? Facts and myths are a done deal, but what about FAQs? Read on as Omegawalk answers some of the most frequently asked questions about running shoes!

My mom often suggests buying a loose pair of shoes. But I feel uncomfortable while running. So, which are better, loose or tight shoes?

Running makes an overall impact on your body, and your feet will bear the most pressure. Therefore, you must give the proper support to your feet while running. It is shocking that many people do not even wear running shoes when they run, which affects their foot health in the long run. Another thing that can affect your feet while running is the shoe fit.

Buying a pair of right-fit shoes has a lot to do with understanding the dynamics of your feet. There can be a few reasons for purchasing loose shoes and tight-fitted shoes. For instance, few people like to wear loose shoes to allow air passage and keep fungal infections at bay. Still, we recommend you check your shoe size every six months and buy a right-sized shoe pair—neither too tight nor too loose.

I like playing basketball on weekends, for fun, not professionally. I wanted to know if I need to invest in a basketball shoe pair or will my regular running shoes do?

Absolutely! Have you ever seen a runner wearing football shoes on the field? Nope. Because every shoe pair is made with a purpose and even if you play basketball for fun, investing in a basketball shoe pair is the right thing to do. Basketball is a high-impact sport that requires intense sprinting and movement. So, buying a good pair of basketball shoes will protect your feet and help you focus on the game.

It has been three months since I bought my current running shoes. I am a regular runner, so shall I buy a new pair?

With time and regular use, the overall material of shoe pairs can be worn down. The appearance is just one thing you notice first, but the most important factor is comfort and support. That is, after some time, depending on your use, the shoe pair may not be able to support your feet like before.


Shoes support and protect your feet, so always buy a good, breathable, comfortable pair. If you are looking for women hiking sneakers, check our women's shoe collection.

Happy Shopping!

Navneet Singh