Imagine coming home through a tireless work day, earplugs on, and walking your way home. Does it sound relatable? For many office-goers, it is a routine. They try to incorporate an active lifestyle by doing little modifications in their life. To some extent, their efforts do work. Putting on slip-on walking shoes saves time and money as they don't need to spend on gym or yoga classes. Walking indeed helps you ditch expenses on cabs and waiting time for elevators, but the calorie count you burn isn't enough to support your overall health. So, what's the alternative? Probably, Fitness Walking!

Introduce Yourself To Fitness Walking

Walking improves your cardiovascular health and bone strength. Plus, it only requires 30 minutes of your day. However, the packed schedule doesn't allow you to put much thought into walking pace, technique, and shoes. Every walker is different; some prefer to stroll while enjoying the music, while others try to make normal walking and enhance its overall effectiveness.

No, you don't have to run. We understand that running or going to the gym is not everyone's favourite activity. Still, you can burn calories doing walking. Read this blog and decide if Fitness walking is your cup of cappuccino.

Fitness Walking–

To those unfamiliar with the term, try to recall when you were almost running but actually walking. You can call it speed, power, or even brisk walking. In the easiest words, fitness walking requires you to walk as fast as you can, with the only limitation being that one of your feet touches the ground. It does need more energy than regular walking, but it's not as complicated as running. 

In short, a perfect way to boost your health. Here's what you can expect from a regular 30-minute brisk walk:

  • A healthy Weight
  • Increase in Energy levels
  • Improvement in Cognition, Memory and Sleep
  • Better Cardiovascular Health
  • Uplifts Mood
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Relives Stress

That's not all; the benefits of paced walking will keep on adding to your life as you transition from an average to a fitness walker. 

Once you know the benefits, it's time to consider the technique and pace at which you walk. But most importantly, the type of shoe pair you need, as it will make the most difference in providing comfort and strength to your feet.

Lace-Up Right Walking Shoes For Your Fitness Walk

Walking requires the right gear, so make sure your closet has one that supports the heel-to-toe moment. To meet and facilitate your heel-to-toe movement during brisk walking, your feet require shoes that have the following:

Less Cushioning Than Running Shoes

It helps your sole absorb 1 to 1.5 times of your body weight, which is half as compared to running shoes.

Support ensuring Stability and Flexibility

Support ensures proper foot alignment, thus facilitating proper heel-to-toe motion during fitness walking. 


You need to wear breathable shoes made with ventilated fabric as it avoids perspiration during intensive walking.‍

Grip To Prevent Fall

Though you're not running, still intensive foot movements require grip to facilitate motion even on damp ground. Walking shoes made with rubber outsole are best for this purpose.

This completed the needs of your foot during intensive walking activity. Let's understand the factors that determine the selection of your walking shoes.

Factors To Consider While Buying Fitness Shoes

You have stretched your body, all set to cover those miles in the next 30 minutes, but your shoes are not right. Contrary to popular belief, every foot activity has specific needs. The model you'll choose depends on factors like:

Type Of Intensive Walking

Fitness walking is done at different paces to suit different purposes. If your object is to get back in shape, you must walk at a moderate speed daily. However, body toning and improving heart health require walking at a faster pace. No matter what you aim to achieve, the goal will determine the type of shoes.

Frequency of Walking

Your frequency of outings also determines the type of walking shoe. For example, if you walk once a week, your regular walking shoe will seal the deal, whereas adding intensive walking to your routine requires you to invest a little more.

Weather Conditions

Imagine walking on a rainy that with water-absorbing shoes; disastrous. Therefore, your shoe must meet the weather conditions of your place. The shoes must be breathable and water-repellant, keeping your feet dry all day but not too hot on sunny days.

Final Word

No matter what type of walker you are, having the correct type of shoe pair that offers you support during frisk foot movements is crucial. So, invest in a pair after you clearly know your purpose. Omegawalk takes complete note of these factors and helps you find the right shoe pair for your whole family. Check out our collection of women's Casual Slip On Shoes, Running shoes and more on our website. We strive to deliver the best shoe pair with a blend of comfort and style.


Navneet Singh