Stress Fractures: Are You Affected? - Omega Walk

Stress Fractures: Are You Affected?

What are Stress Fractures?   Stress fractures are often associated with professional athletes, however if you work out frequently you can be affected too! If you exercise on a regular...
March 14, 2021 — Issac
All You Need To Know About Bunions - Treatment and Causes - Omega Walk

All You Need To Know About Bunions - Treatment and Causes

Even though bunions are probably one of the most common feet deformities, there are still a lot of misconceptions around them.  Bunions are defined as a deformity of the joint...
March 12, 2021 — Issac
How To Prevent Running Injuries - Omega Walk

How To Prevent Running Injuries

Running is one of the most popular physical exercises, it requires low investment and you can do it just about anywhere! Running offers several benefits including improved cardiovascular fitness, increased...
February 25, 2021 — AB

Incredible Benefits To Boost Your Foot Health By Wearing Insoles

Insoles can be an underrated thing required and used regularly, but we are unaware of the role that insoles play in our daily routine. Insoles are inserts that can provide...
February 14, 2021 — AB

Try These Exercises To Strengthen & Stretch Calf Muscles

Did you experience pain while bending your knees? If your answer is yes and you have experienced pain multiple times, pay attention to strengthening and stretching your calf muscles. Even...
February 07, 2021 — AB

Top Foot Issues Caused Due To Tight Calves

Did you frequently experience knee pain while walking or climbing stairs? Is there any pain when you try to stand on your tiptoes? See, in both of these cases, the...
February 01, 2021 — AB

5 Most Comfortable Flats for Walking As We All Have Miles to Go!

High heels are fancy! Right? Have you ever considered what will happen if your newly purchased heels get stuck in subway gates or slide off from your foot while you...
January 24, 2021 — John Daniel Uy

Running Shoes And Walking Shoes – Why They Are Different?

Running shoes are different than walking shoes by characteristics. It would be best if you should not run wearing walking shoes, since many don’t have the flexibility required for running....
January 18, 2021 — AB

How To Select Shoes For Flat Feet

  Flat feet are often painful, and the pain caused by flat feet can channelize throughout the body. But thankfully, you can resolve this issue by choosing the right pair...
January 10, 2021 — AB
Buying Winter Boots? - Consider These Tips Before Purchasing One - Omega Walk

Buying Winter Boots? - Consider These Tips Before Purchasing One

With the departure of fall, the days of ringing bells and snowy mornings arrive. Yes! It's time to bring out your warm clothes. It's time to have warm coffee cups,...
January 04, 2021 — AB
How Bad Foot Health Can Affect Your Entire Body Overtime - Omega Walk

How Bad Foot Health Can Affect Your Entire Body Overtime

For living a healthy and active life, having hale and strong legs is immensely important. You may never feel, but with over 100 muscles, 26 bones, 33 joints, ligaments, and...
November 09, 2020 — Simprosys InfoMedia

5 Best Foot Exercises for Improving Balance, Power, and Speed

When it comes to working out, most people forget to focus on the two most essential parts of their body - the feet. They start working on their core, upper...
October 20, 2020 — Azel Kish Dora