High heels are fancy! Right? Have you ever considered what will happen if your newly purchased heels get stuck in subway gates or slide off from your foot while you are rushing to reach somewhere in time? Hence, many love to wear flats instead of them.

You can go to work wearing classic ballet flats, cute embellished will work fine for dining outs, and casual loafers are there for weekend errands. Flats are one of the comfiest footwear that finely matches every kind of attire you chose for you. But, what kinds of flats are the best of them all? Continue to read the article thoroughly and find out an appropriate answer to this question.

  1. Ballet

Ballet in one word? Versatile! Cause, we can’t think of any other adjectives while describing this kind of flats. One of the classics, this flat is comfortable, reliable, and therefore extremely adorable. Many celebrities also prefer ballet flats, be it Audrey Hepburn, Emma Stone, or Alexa Chung.

  1. Work Flats

Working for a full day may involve walking, running between clients, assignments, meetings, lunch, coffee breaks, etc. Don’t you think your feet require pampering to endure it every day? No, we are not saying you have to oil massage your feet middle of the office.

But, you can always gift your feet a pair of work flats to provide them the exact healing they require. Pick a pair that goes matched with your every office attire, and keep them polished so that they can complement your apparel.

  1. Sneakers

A fun day isn’t a fun day until you have dressed for it. Add up a sneaker with your outfit and experience a relaxing day out as these flats are designed to keep your feet in comfort all the time you wear them.  And, let’s not forget about the style statement it has for the offering. Be it for a casual outing or going for fitness activities, a good-looking sneaker will never let your style statement be blemished. 

  1. Flat Boots

Yes, they are flats but look like boots. These flat boots can save your days in rainy seasons and can be equally imperative for keeping your feet warm on frosty winter days. When it comes to snatching everyone’s’ attention, flat boots are queens.  Undoubtedly, they are glamorous, they are luxurious, and when they are worn with sassy jeans or leggings, be prepared to be the center of attraction for everyone.

  1. Moccasins and Loafers

Not just women, these slip-on are preferred by men too. Although moccasins were footwear for men, women are now getting attracted to them because of their style statement and comfort. Differentiating moccasins from loafers can be challenging as both of these flats are usually made of the same materials. Moreover, sometimes, the style statements are quite similar as well.

However, you can distinguish between them if you consider looking at the shoe soles. Loafers can come with small-sized heels, but moccasins are always flat-soled. Another dissimilarity between them is slugs have casual looks, but moccasins boast with a bit more formal appeal.

Now It’s Your Turn to Choose

Now we guess, you have recognized the 5 top flats that are currently ruling the footwear segment of style and fashion. These flats will also come under your budget, and cover your feet with enough comfort, enhancing your overall look. Hence, these flats are always worthy of choosing. Besides, most doctors also recommend flats as they will never put your feet into atypical positions as high heel shoes do. Meaning, it’s advantageous from all the considerable aspects. What do you think?

John Daniel Uy