Do you roll your eyes when you see celebrities, and many of your friends go weak on knees when they see a pair of fancy shoes? Do you know people with 100 pairs of shoes in their closet? It is, however, not necessary for you to spend half of your monthly salary on shoes. But investing in a few good pairs of shoes can definitely be great for you.

No, we do not mean you invest only in branded shoes alone or ones that spell haute couture from a distance! Every person, of any gender, should ideally have a formal wear shoe, casual wear, a slipper or flip-flop to wear at home, and even a pair of jogging shoes. These are the minimum number of footwear you will need. However, why do you need these shoes? Why is it such a big deal at all is what we shall enumerate now?

  1. Shoes for Comfort

The basic functionality of a pair of shoes is comfort. You wear it to ensure you do not hurt your insole or instep of your feet primarily as you walk on all terrains. It was for ensuring you do not injure your heels and develop corn too. Only good quality of shoes will give you comfort. Those pointy high stilettos are never going to provide you with warmth since they do not keep your feet in the normal position as long as you wear it. Go for shoes that are slightly elevated and have padding in the sole to give you enough coziness.

  1. Speaks About You

Cheap quality of shoes does not draw appreciation. When you plan to make a lasting impression, make sure to invest in a stylish pair of shoes. The interviewer will notice how you take care of polishing your shoes and waxing it as well. The world judges everyone on their looks even now, and so while projecting your brains, make sure to sharpen your shoe choice.

  1. Good Quality Lasts Longer

The pair of shoes may be a little expensive for your liking. But, if the fit is right, you may notice that its heels don’t give away so easily. You will also notice the seams not coming off, and the upper, faux leather will not crack up with time. Make sure to keep the pair of shoes dry and well maintained with polish and wax. It will last longer than you could have ever imagined without requiring any repairs also.

  1. Breathable Materials

Foot odor is common among the people who go for a cheaper pair of shoes. What triggers this is the use of cheap leather. The genuine leather ideally absorbs moisture. It also means that your feet will not smell awful after removing the shoes and cause you embarrassment in public too.

  1. Stay away from Future Problems

In young days, people may take hasty and incorrect decisions. The youngsters may all be open for a fashionable pair of shoes. They may not realize that a poor pair of shoes may alter their back and cause knee problems later in their life too. Wearing shoes one size small or big may cause falls and injury. With age, people may struggle to stand on their feet if they have incorrect sized shoes. It will only happen if you go for cheaper versions of shoes.

Remember, only a good pair of shoes, from a decent brand can give you the confidence, and give your body the best support. Make sure to consider your body weight too before investing in the best pair of shoes for yourself.

Akhilesh Bussa