We say put your best foot forward. But, do you know shoes say a lot about your personality. Wondering! How can the shoes you wear casually or for comfort can say a lot about you? Well, shoes reflect a lot about the personality of more than 90% of the people. So, shoes are seen as the source of the first impression by most people. It can be pumps, heels, boots, flip-flops, sports shoes, etc.

It’s been rightly said, “It’s not much about the shoes, but about the person wearing them.” Let us now dig deep into what different style of shoes says about your personality, style, comfort, or approach towards life.

Boots Depict Strong Personality

Boots generally keep your foot warm, protected, and dry. People with strong personality traits are said to pick on the shoes. Even the fashion boots give an edge of feminine look too. People wearing combat boots or boots of this kind are the ones who are known to take control of the situation. Boot wearers are said to possess masculinity in their personalities.

Slips Ons Depicts Comfort

If you are the one who enjoys comfort and wants to look cool, then slip ons are your favorite shoes. These pair of shoes easily coordinates with your personality and remains in trend always. Both extroverts and introverts prefer wearing this type of shoes to mix easily with the people around them. Moreover, people who prefer slip ons are tilted towards their passion and do not like to work in some professional setting.

Heels Depict Leadership Role

Most women prefer heels to parties or work. But, heels are of different styles and have a comfort level. Like, the “Pumps” that simply depict the lady boss in you. It reflects the strength, competitive attitude, self-confidence, and possesses “do or die” attitude in you. The ‘platform heels’ depicts that you take control of the situation, trustworthy, and dedicated to their work. Now, the “Stilletos” showcases the businesswomen in you. You can maintain work-life balance incredibly, hard-working, focused, and have a fun side too.

Running Shoes Displays Confidence

Well, people who prefer running shoes like a mix of leisure and busy life. You may be engaged with your life, but you are a motivated person and organized too. People wearing running shoes are stated to be hard-working, confident, goal-oriented, etc. You need to be ahead in everything and still want the best shoes for your feet to increase your swiftness and productivity.

Flats Wearers are Behind the Scene People

If you are someone who likes to stay comfortable and does not want to stay in front, then you are a flat-favorite person. Put yourself behind the scenes to provide a perfectly finished product. The humbleness and gratitude is part of your personality. There is no bragging of efforts done by you. Flat wearers are modest, focused, and generous. But, you still like to match your outfits and handbags with your personality.

Flip-flop Fans Are Stated to be Chill

People who are always in their flip-flops are comfortable and chill off people. They do not worry about the future and goes with the flow of life. These people do what makes them happy and are not swayed away by societal pressures. Flip-flop lovers are spontaneous and love to rejoice the little things in the present moment.

So, this is all about the various shoe types and what it depicts your personality. Are you any of these types? If yes, you find the right connection between the love for your shoes and your nature. So, check out the variety of shoes at Omega Walk, if you are concerned about your foot health.

October 13, 2020 — Azel Kish Dora