Your feet are perhaps the essential part of the body that decides on whether you will be able to climb that mountain this year or the next. However, it all depends on how well we take care of our feet. Getting a monthly pedicure is excellent, but there are home remedies and even daily care routines that you need to bring to your daily habit too. Let us check a few practical ways to take care of our feet.

  1. Wash Your Feet Well

While you may state that you do wash it when bathing, this is different. As you wash your hands and face many times a day, and that too with mild soap and water, you have to do a similar routine for your feet also. Scrub the ankles and heels with pumice stone if you have some time. Even scrub between the toes so that there is no deposit forming up there. Any negligence here may cause ringworm. Regular washing in warm water may also soothe the nerves and remove any chances of skin to harden up.

  1. Take Care of Toe Nails

Many people indeed find it difficult to bend over or reach out to their toenails. But it is nevertheless essential to trim the nails and ensure they do not grow inwards. It is usual for nails to curl in the sides or bend over, causing infections. It becomes painful if the nail curls in like this. So, make sure to cut the nails of the toes, especially if you spend the entire day wearing shoes and not able to wiggle your toes with ease. Schedule an appointment with your nail salon if you cannot do this as good as they do. They also use disinfectants to ensure they clean the nails and the cuticles after cutting to ensure the feet are clean.

  1. Wear the Right Fit of Shoes

The right fit for shoes plays a vital role in a healthier foot. While you may adjust your feet in a shoe that is loose or tight, but if it is too tight, you may find several problems cropping up. Your feet may hurt the moment you slip in your feet or feel relieved when you remove it. Usually, a pair of shoes should not be excruciatingly painful such as this. It may not be just the feet, but in the case of people wearing high-heels, the back may also suffer. It is a pain if you are on your feet all day too. Podiatrists always recommend you to wear a comfortable size and fit. Buy shoes wearing the socks if you plan to wear it like that only. Do not ever assume the size of the shoes. Take the measurement and check the e-commerce sites’ size chart for reference.

  1. Safeguard Your Feet at all Times

In case you are using a shower of the gym or a beach or even the community pool, ensure wearing slippers. Do not go barefoot, where other people are walking around barefoot. It may cause infection, especially if you do not plan to wash your feet after using these public areas.

  1. Moisturize Your Feet

Most of the time, feet end up getting dry and having cracked heels. Lather your feet at night before bedtime with moisturizer. It will help in preventing any dryness and ensure the feet remain healthy.

A few people follow all these steps and even ensure doing regular foot exercise to ensure their feet remains in top shape. It should be pain-free and should also be in the pink of its health! Your foot-care regime may not be expensive but a disciplined approach.

September 27, 2020 — Akhilesh Bussa