Has someone complimented you for your pretty feet? Or has someone remarked a not very pleasant thing about the cracked heels? Either way, you are doing something with the feet that gets the compliments or the criticism. Many might not even agree their feet need daily care besides a bath.

But imagine what would happen to you without your feet! Keeping it healthy does not take a lot of elaborate rituals. What you need is a few minutes of daily care, and that’s enough to keep your feet clean and healthy. Make them a part of your daily routine just as bathing, and you are ready to go. Here we discuss a few for you.

  1. Exercise: You may not know, but your feet may require some workout too. Of course, you may not see any change in the feet, but the real effect happens inside your feet. You end up feeling better, and your feet and entire legs feel refreshed. The workout could be simply raising legs straight ahead of you while sitting in a chair and circling the feet down the ankle. This should be something you do daily after sitting on the chair for long hours or simply the first thing in the morning.
  2. Master the Art of Cutting Nails: While the nails of the hands may grow long, longer and longest, the same cannot be the case for the toenails. If you leave it to grow, make sure to trim it, especially if you end up wearing shoes all day. Cut the toenails to avoid the nails to curl inwards and dig in your skin. Also, make sure to remove the dead skin from the cuticle occasionally. It is something everyone ignores while cutting the nails, and yet it is as crucial.
  3. Don’t Bond with Your Old Worn-out Shoes: You must end up wearing your pair of shoes for ages at a stretch. Yes, you may assume the celebrities have their favorite pairs too. But there is a time factor attached to the shoes. Ensure you do not end up spending a lot of time standing in these old pair of shoes. With time, the heels of the shoes may wear out and cause a change in your posture altogether too.
  4. New Shoe Woes: Many problems arise when you wear ill-fitting shoes. But a big mistake people do when they buy a new pair of shoes is to run in it or wear it for long walks right on the first day. Allow your feet to adjust to the new pair of shoes. Ensure to adjust your feet to the heel and the environment inside the shoes. If you are switching from flats to high heels, you will require some time to make your feet comfortable.
  5. Moisturize and Noticing Problems: What should be your final big habit is to check your feet from time to time. Does your toe get a tingling feeling when you slip in those pump shoes? Does the pair of shoes lack softer padding in the sole region? Does the area under the big toe hurt? Moisturize the feet with a proper foot massage cream or a regular moisturizer at night before going to sleep. Take extra care of massaging the heel area and toe area.

It is easy once you pledge to follow these hygiene and healthy habits for your feet. The feet need as much love and care as you probably spend and do for the rest of your body. Please do not ignore it. Have a healthy and fit pair of legs and feet for the lifetime.

Akhilesh Bussa