Debunking The Myths About Foot Health

We have heard many facts since childhood about foot care that we may not differentiate between reality and a myth. Our feet are the most neglected part of the body. Indeed, we do not give it a second thought until the time we face an issue.

That said, many myths exist till this very day that has been instrumental in us getting one foot-related problem after the other. Let us debunk them one after the other.

Myth#1: Shoes Cause Bunions to Form

Fact: Bunions are primarily due to the foot condition of individual people and even the shape of their feet. Also, many may have inherited this condition from their parents. Ill-fitting shoes that cause the toes to clump together may be instrumental in causing the bunions. But that does not mean any shoe is going to cause bunions.

Myth #2: It’s Best to Go Barefoot

Fact: By going barefoot outdoors, you are inviting trouble. The sole and the instep area under your feet are sensitive. The skin is also soft there that you will only hurt by stepping on anything. From visible stones to glass pieces to even nails and sharp metals, anything could be there undetected even in your garden. Regular care of the feet is necessary if you go to your backyard too without footwear. However, it is always advisable to wear a pair of comfortable flip flops if you are stepping outdoors anywhere to avoid injury.

Myth #3: Home Treatment of Broken Toe

Fact: Would you ever consider going for home treatment of any other part of your body? Let’s say a broken elbow or knee? No, right? The same logic applies even for your toe. A podiatrist will check the fractured toe and may even get an XRay done. But at least he will be able to mend it in the right way. He may urge you not to walk around a lot. But he should check and do his bit and see how deep the fracture is before you go home. If the fracture is more, he may even urge you to stay indoors for some time. Failing to do this might cause you irreparable damage to the feet.

Myth #4 Soak Your Feet in Warm Water after any Ankle or Heel Injury

Fact: If you suspect you have an ankle injury or sprain, do not soak it in hot water. It may cause the blood to flow faster and cause swelling. It will eventually lead to more pain to the affected nerves. Instead, use an ice pack on the affected area and wrap it with a towel. It will surely be more comforting to the feet.

Myth #5: No Big Injury if I Can Move My feet

Fact: This is perhaps the most significant myth people have about any injury to feet. They underestimate the injury because they feel that they can move around. The fractures on ankles may be in the lower leg or, the smaller areas in the ankle or toe. These will not be visible on the surface level, and you will still be able to move around. That will not be in any way directly, implying that there is no problem in the feet.

Most of these myths have been around, including the ones that state that corns have roots. However, these are universal myths, some even more outlandish than the other. The podiatrists indeed urge people to be more cautious about their feet and not take things and treatments for granted. After all, it is always easy to get things tested and checked by a podiatrist than suffering in silence.

September 01, 2020 — ABCoder Tech Collaborator