Who doesn’t love stepping out in designer clothes and high pair of heels? Everyone, right? However, what you don’t bargain for is the pain of standing in high heels all day or climbing up many stairs. It can cause sharp shooting pain to rise to your spine. Many shoes may not even cause pain right away but building up down the years to create significant issues finally. Foot injury prevention will only follow if you locate the issue.

Let’s look at the different problems your poor choice of shoes can lead you to with time.

  1. Blisters

Yes, the same blisters that you get all your life whenever you wear shoes too big or too small for your convenience. These could be due to the shoes rubbing against the delicate spots in your insole or anywhere on foot. The blisters make the skin more fragile, causing pain with every step you take.

  1. Bunions

Do you notice an abnormal swelling by the side of your big toe? Does it cause you immense pain when you wear a fitting shoe? The problem arises when the base of the toe is pushed out or made to adjust inside a shoe. It may force the big toe to lean painfully to the other toes. You need to rethink getting good shoes for feet and apply some ice to reduce the pain.

  1. Hammer Toes

Is the shoe short and force your toes to curl (literally and figuratively)? This curling could force a misalignment of the joints and bones in the toes. This hammertoes is a painful condition and more so if you have diabetes.

  1. Corns

If the sole is made of wood, metal, or something firm, the skin under our feet starts developing a defense mechanism. It causes the skin to layer up more robust cells to protect the tender points. The skin cells take the form of corn like bumps. These may be on the top of the toes or worse between the toes. They may be painful and require attention from the first day itself.

  1. Plantar Fasciitis

The inflammation occurring in the Plantar Fascia ligament between the ball of the feet and the heel is called Plantar Fascitis. It is common among people who have high arches in their feet or have flat feet when they run or do some excessive athletic works. It may not be there on the other days and may resurface only when they resume working out or jogging after a hiatus of no or little physical activity.

  1. Increase of Pain

A wrong pair of shoes may be causing you more pain, especially if you already have problems like arthritis, tendonitis, and more. Those with lower back problems should avoid standing or dancing a lot in heels if they can afford it. The stilettos cause a lot of pressure on the toes, and the weight is not balanced under the heels. It causes postural issues and creates a hunchback or more painful postures.

Foot injury prevention is more than just a precautionary measure. It is a necessity if you wish to lead a happy life on your feet. People often compromise their comfort for style. You must wear shoes to suit the task you aim to do. Good shoes for feet with a softer base and sole are essential if you are going to be on your feet all day. Go gentle on your feet by opting for a proper pair of shoes to suit the activity and give you enough support all day.

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