What do you do the moment you return home? Kick-off your shoes and let out a sigh of relief? Some may even do the same in their drive back home. It shows how much discomfort you have had all day wearing these shoes. A big reason for this could be improper fitting of the shoes. The footwear and body posture are co-related, and this is why people urge you to go for good shoes for feet.

Body posture does not mean sitting straight or having a proper body language. It can be the way you walk and even ensure if it is painless or painful. So, what controls this posture? Your shoes may play a significant role in the posture though it may not be a direct relation.

Why People Don’t Realize the Need for Posture

People don’t recognize their body posture in any threat unless it affects them or causes them pain. Likewise, your body posture just does not make you look confident but also helps in balancing your bodyweight evenly.

Uneven slouching or bending may cause you to put extra pressure on one leg or joint causing pain. Bad posture or leaning on one side may also increase the chances of getting an injury while running or even while doing any sporting activity.

How Shoes Play a Vital Role in Posture

You may love going for the pointed-toe style of shoes you see the model wear. But what you may not realize is the way it is putting pressure on your toes to cluster up together. It may cause the body to put its entire pressure on those toes and the heels. It is even scarier for those who also have a knee or shin muscle problem. These could be only adding on to the woes. Your body tends to incline forward for want of support.

On the other hand, when you wear the trusted, supportive footwear, your body relaxes. Let us say, flat loafers or any additional comfortable wear like a pair of sneakers. Your knee joints will not be under any extra pressure. Added to that, if these flats also get soft padded lining sole, the feet only feels more comfortable. You may run, walk or stand for long, and still, your feet and ankles specifically will not feel any strain.

Get the Right Pair of Shoes

Look at these pointers when investing in the shoes for foot health.

  • Go for rounded toe tip-shoes. These will be as per the natural shape of your toes and hence, not create pressure from the sides.
  • Shoes should not cut into your skin. It is common in high heel shoes where the feet descend into the shoes.
  • Go for shoes to suit your work or activity for the day. It may prevent injuries and give you the support you need. On a day of travels, and climbing up stairs, go for something comfortable. Ditch those pairs of fancy footwear for the padded flats.
  • Check under the shoes for the tread design. Yes, just like tires with tread design prevents the shoes from skidding or causing you an accident, this also does the same.
  • Check for airflow. If you want to wear shoes for long, ensure this aspect to ensure comfort. Also, it will help your feet from being safe and not develop any fungal or microbial growth or contamination,

Your footwear is more than just a fancy accessory. It is a necessity to keep the body posture steady and that for a lifetime. Negligence in taking care of the feet and watching out for posture issues may cost you a lot more than you can imagine.

July 14, 2020 — ABCoder Tech Collaborator