How much attention do you pay to your feet? Our feet haul us through thousands of steps per day, yet it is often the last spot on our list of body-care priorities. As it takes the whole weight of our body every day, ignoring foot care can lead to painful consequences including discomfort in your walk, knee or back pain,bacterial or fungal infections among many others.To take care of our feet we do not have to always go to an expensive salon.


Let’s look at some super easy and cheap foot care tips to increase your foot health.


Tip 1: Wash Your Feet Regularly


Our feet are the most exposed to bacterial and fungal infections.When you’re standing in the shower it can be tempting to forget about your feet. You’re standing in soapy water so you may think that it is enough to keep them clean however it is not the case. Always give your feet a good rub to get any stubborn dirt off them. On the other hand be careful with soaking your feet in hot water as it might destroy the skin’s natural oils.

Tip 2: Remove Dead Skin


The skin on your feet gets dry and cracked. It is extremely important to exfoliate your feet at least once  a week to get rid of the dead skin. Exfoliating regularly helps to avoid any ugly calluses and keep your pores from being clogged. Give your feet a gentle scrub with pumice stone weekly to remove hard skin and  leave them feeling soft and refreshed.

Tip 3: Moisturize Your Feet


Don’t leave your feet out of your moisturizing routine. Apply a generous amount of moisturizer on your feet to lock in the moistures from your showers and keep your feet silky smooth.


Tip 4: Choose well fitted shoes


Your  choice of shoes has a bigger impact on your foot health than you may think. Poor choice of footwear can lead to all sorts of foot problems including ingrown nails, hammertoe, blisters, heel and back pain among others.


Always opt for shoes that are comfortable, support your feet and well-fitted.


Tip 5: Wear Socks


Wearing socks is not only important to protect and cushion your feet from the cold, it also saves your feet from dirt, blisters and UV radiation. It absorbs moisture and helps prevent the rubbing of shoes. Make sure your socks are from high quality material and fits well around your heels.

March 22, 2021 — Issac