Hiking outdoors has so many perks: warm sunshine on your face, birds chirping, the trees overhead and feeling the soft earth under your feet. Everyone knows hiking is great for our bodies but the benefits are beyond what you would receive from a regular exercise. It’s not only good for your physical health but it is also a great activity to fight stress and anxiety. 

Let’s see a few of the many benefits that hiking has for your soul and your body.

1.Hiking Makes You Stronger

Hiking is one of the best ways to exercise. No matter what trail you find, climbing rocks, stepping over trees and clambering over uneven surfaces will surely engage your core, your glutes and your legs for a true holistic workout. Your feet have to deal with a whole lot out there, so it’s essential that you pick the right shoes for your hikes. When choosing your hiking boots, make sure it has the right padding and protection.

2.Get a Mood Boost

It’s proven that there are plenty of  benefits of being close to nature. Work and all the fun distractions in our everyday lives are enough to keep us at a permanent level of stress below the surface.Going for a hike reduces cortisol levels, calms anxiety and can reduce the risk of depression due to its calming effect only nature can offer.

3.Boost Your Creativity

Although technology made it easier than ever to work and connect, all the distractions coming from the constant alerts on our phones, tablets and social media have taken its toll on our creativity. Receiving calls, messages and alerts all day takes over our attention and leaves no space for coming up with new ideas. By contrast the soft fabrication of natural environments allows our nervous system to relax ,increases attention span and gives our brain space to feel bored and look for new creative ideas. So if you feel unmotivated and stuck, a walk in nature could be enough to feel inspired again!

4.Get Social 

Not only hiking is an amazing physical activity but it can also help you create stronger bonds with your friends. The nature of hikes allows you to spend more time together outdoors and depending on the level of difficulty of your hike, you can find an emotionally supportive workout friend or get to know each other without any distractions. Researches show that people exercising together can develop a special feeling of closeness and safety.  Even if you prefer hiking alone, the mental and emotional relief resulting from being close to nature can help you improve your interactions with your loved ones. Giving yourself a break will make you more emotionally available for others.

5.Learn To Be Present

When was the last time you were truly present, in the moment? Getting out there, removes the man-built physical barriers between you and nature. You can observe all that this earth has to offer without filters and distractions. Everything is up and close. Just you and nature. It’s candy for the soul.

So go get your hiking boots and hit the trail!