Causes, Prevention and Treatment

What do you do the moment you return home? Kick-off your shoes and let out a sigh of relief? Some may even do the same in their drive back home. If your legs are tired at the end of a long day, you’re not alone!

Being on our feet all day can explain this fatigue but there may be several other reasons behind it. 

The most common causes of tired legs

Overusing is the most common cause of tired legs. Being on your feet all day or exercising more than what you’re used to can be the reason for feet fatigue. Underusing your legs ( the lack of walking and physical exercise) can also lead to tiredness and cramping.

Sometimes the reasons behind this uncomfortable feeling is less obvious. As we age, our connective tissue (cartilage) changes and  the more likely we are to experience leg achiness and tightness. People with underlying conditions that cause blood circulation issues ( such as diabetes and atherosclerosis) often suffer from swollen, tired legs and ankles at the end of the day.

The best home remedies

  • Put your feet up: Putting your feet up helps with blood circulation and will instantly relieve the pain. Sit close to and facing a wall then swivel sideways and take your legs straight up the wall as you lie down, back flat against the floor. Wriggle in, so your bottom is touching the wall and give it ten minutes before standing up. 

  • Take a hot bath: Nothing feels better than taking a hot, relaxing bath after a long day. The hot water helps blood circulation. Lay back and give your feet permission to chill.

  • Move it out: Yoga moves and stretching can work wonders for tired legs. As we age our muscles lose flexibility and stretching can help to slow down this process. Incorporating 10 minutes of stretching in your routine each day can literally be life-changing.


Use Insoles: When your footwear is missing proper support, foot fatigue comes on strong.Insoles arms your feet with the foundation they need to keep moving comfortably.  

Stretch: Stretching and yoga is not only good for pain relief but it’s also a great way to prevent fatigue. Only 5 minutes of stretching could be all that your legs need to feel better

Quit Smoking: Smoking affects blood circulation and causes symptoms such as tired legs, stopping may provide some relief.

Wear Comfortable Shoes: Invest in good shoes for feet just so that you do not end up giving your back and legs a bad time.

Use Compression Socks: Compression socks increase blood circulation and can work wonders if your legs are tired from travelling, long shifts or intense workouts.

If you experience leg tiredness on a daily basis and it doesn’t get better with rest, reach out to your doctor for professional advice. 

May 10, 2021 — MFN Marketing