Good shoes are comfortable, give your feet support throughout the day, and easy to match with any outfit. But how about slip resistance? Is it important?

Slip-resistant shoes are a must if you’re someone who spends most of the day on his feet but there are some other reasons why you should consider investing in non-skid footwear.

Without further ado, let’s see the benefits of wearing slip-proof shoes.


As you can guess from its name, non-skid shoes are designed to save their wearer from slipping and falling on wet or oily surfaces.  Slip-resistant shoes typically have durable, anti-skid soles, and patterned tread for added friction. For that reason, it can effectively prevent injuries on slippery surfaces. 

Traction, even on your hikes

If you’re a hiker, non-skid shoes will be your best friend. When choosing hiking shoes, you want to find one that is as non-slip as possible Non-skid shoes have a deeper level of traction on their soles, which helps the user achieve a firm grip on the surface they are walking or climbing on. 

Maximum comfort

Non-skit shoes are high-quality shoes with maximum cushioning and support in the appropriate areas. This is to ensure that you don’t have to suffer from blisters, foot pains, and many other painful experiences. 

If you’re on your feet all-day

If you’re a busy mom or your profession requires you to stand for long hours, wearing the right shoes is a must. Being on your feet all day puts a lot of stress on your feet and knees. So if you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes with poor support, it can trigger many foot injuries. Non-Skit shoes were specially designed to give maximum support for your feet, so people with physically demanding jobs can especially benefit from wearing these.

How do I know which shoes are slip-resistant? 

The easiest way to tell is by looking at the shoes. Non-skid shoes have little squiggles, hexagons, or circles on the bottom of the outsole to create friction and a better grip of the floor. In general, the smaller these patterns are, the better the slip resistance of the shoes is.

Remember, your feet are the foundation of your body. Taking good care of your feet and investing in good shoes means that you’re taking care of you’re whole body. Non-skid shoes for your everyday wear is a safe choice if you are someone living an active life and you are looking for essential comfort.

Eszter Majoros