Air cushion sneakers for women

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We mindfully choose the right fabrics, designs, and styles to bring you the best products that make both comfort and style go hand in hand.


Omega Walk’s Air Cushion Sneakers for Women is a combination of chic, style, and comfort. These high-ankle canvas shoes for women provide you with a secure grip and give a comfortable fit. You can wear these comfortable shoes with a pair of denim shorts on a sunny day and you will be good to go.


  • Air Cushion - This makes the shoe lightweight. It also helps in reducing stress and force and protects against any injury.
  • Non-Slip - Slip-resistant shoes minimize the chances of falling and reduce accidents.
  • Even Pressure DistributionThe bow-shaped design makes sure that the weight is evenly distributed over the entire foot. 
  • Pain Relief - These comfortable shoes prevent pain in your back, hip, pelvis and so on.  
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    Shoe Care


    1. Remove the laces and insoles.

    2. Place shoes in a delicates bag (pro tip: a pillowcase works too).

    3. Choose a gentle cycle with cold water & mild detergent.

    4. Shake out any excess water & set aside to air dry.

    5. Shoes will regain their original shape with one or two wears.